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Surviving the academic year ahead

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by Smallhead, Oct 7, 2015.

  1. Smallhead

    Smallhead New commenter

    From about March I have been considering leaving my current post. I work abroad and the notice period is a term and I basically left it late to leave at the end of the academic year last year and was not 100% about leaving. However I am certain now that I want to leave for various reasons. I don't feel I can leave during the academic year as I have two young children and it would be chaos for us as a family to move. My partner is supportive and would move during the academic year but I think my references would suffer. I feel that my unhappiness at work is impinging on my whole life. I have established the habit of working every evening (I have quite a few extra responsibilities) and I know making time for myself and family would help me to feel a little better. But does anyone have any suggestions on how else I can get by this year? I have many colleagues I like working with and I do have a good support network, but not that much time to see them. I have updated my CV and am watching TES jobs carefully. I do feel stressed and have found myself in tears at home in the evening at times. Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated.

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