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Survey on KS3 does it affect your results?

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by madjessy, Aug 17, 2011.

  1. Hi

    I'm in a school that only teaches Drama once a week at KS3 and want to try for more and trying to build up the case for my SLT. My theory is that it does affect results at KS4 and 5.
    Would you mind replying to this post with the following so that you remain anonymous:
    1) how many times taught at KS3- e.g. once fortnight.
    2) roughly what area you are in. e.g. West Midlands.

    And if you'd like any thoughts on my theory.
  2. Hi Jess.

    I think if you're getting once a week in Y7, 8 and 9 you're probably doing quite well in comparison to other schools. Probably you would see more progress with more lessons, though I think mine make a big jump in the beginning of Y10 anyway so it's hard to say. Our KS3 provision has been pretty **** until now!

    1. We are moving from a system of nothing in Y7, 6 lessons in Y8 and once a fortnight in Y9 to a system of a cariousel with citizenship in which they alternate between half a term of citizenship and half a term of drama. They get one lesson a week in this time - for about a 6 week period - but then they get no drama for the next half term when they're off to citizenship. From Sept this will be the case throughout KS3.

    2. West Midlands.

    Hope that helps! :)
  3. sorry I meant once a fortnight
  4. Hi, we too only have drama once a fortnight
    I wouldn't say if effects results BUT sometimes it makes uptake/ recruitment harder as they have hardly any real drama experience.The addition of EBAC makes it even worse!
    I think the school may end up going for a 3 year GCSEs eventually
    I find myself in a tricky situation because our results ARE good and so therefore SLT can't see why I need drama more often anyway.
    we are based in west yorkshire
  5. Be creative - teach the citizenship themes through Drama - they then get lots more Drama and learn the citizenship better. So - they get a "citidrama" lesson every week. Everyone's happy.
  6. Rentonave, the uptake thing is the issue for us as well.

    Resources, I like "citidrama"! :) I don't teach it though, they go to another teacher and I get a different class, so not sure she'd want to teach drama sadly.
  7. japonica892

    japonica892 New commenter

    Hi there ...we moved to a 1 week timetable last year which was a bonus for Drama as it meant we got 1 lesson a week in Yr 7 and 8 instead of 1 per fortnight.

    In yr 9 they now take options as a sort of 'taster' year during which I do Performing Arts Single Award....they get 2 lessons a week and it has doubled my uptake at GCSE with over 50 choosing it as an option for Yr 10 this year instead of between 11-25 which was the usual uptake.

    We do get good results which is why the school are keen to support it...fingers crossed it stays that way...bit worried about next Thursday though!!!!!!
  8. Year 7&8 - 1 50minute per week - year 9 - the have 1 term of drama, then change to music for a term - so they get 1/2 a year of drama.
    We have lost alot of students taking P/arts due to the new changing in having to take a language only leaving the pupils 1 option to choose.
    hope this helps Smile

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