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Surprise pregnancy

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by have2hope, Jun 20, 2019.

  1. have2hope

    have2hope New commenter

    I'm an NQT, close to the end of the year. I've just found out I'm pregnant, and the midwife has already booked me in. Unfortunately the midwife can only do school hours, and it can't wait till the holidays as my first pregnancy was high risk, making this one risky too.

    I don't want to tell school yet, but they require evidence for all appointments. In addition we do not have any HR staff that I can speak to confidentially.

    I had a few problems at the start of my NQT year, and some senior staff are still sceptical of me. I'm worried telling the school now could impact me passing.
  2. bonxie

    bonxie Lead commenter

    It would be illegal for the school to stop you passing your NQT year just because you are pregnant. You are entitled to time off for pregnancy related appointments. Just like any medical information, you are also entitled for your pregnancy not to become common knowledge. Tell the head teacher that you are pregnant and your midwife can only give you a school hours appointment. If you wish, you could also explain that your pregnancy is considered high risk. Tell the head that you want to keep your pregnancy confidential for the time being. Let them know which day/time you need off. Any decent head teacher will then wish you well and sort out any arrangements needed to cover your class.

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  3. SammyBear2016

    SammyBear2016 Occasional commenter

    I would say that you are better informing the school ASAP. I know that many people like to keep pregnancies quiet until after the 12 week scan but telling school does not mean everyone having to know. I would also say that as your pregnancy is classed as high risk school should know sooner rather than later in case you require any time off or adjustments and a risk assessment could now be put into place.

    You say you have no HR staff that you can speak to confidentially, do you not have a HR manager or do you not trust them to keep the news quiet?

    There is know reason why informing them should affect you passing if you have met all of the criteria to the appropriate standard.
  4. Piscean1

    Piscean1 Senior commenter

    First of all, congratulations! Speak to your head or business manager confidentially. If you ask for it to remain confidential, they are not allowed to share it. I'd advise being very specific about who it should be shared with.

    My head and business manager assumed I just wanted it kept from normal teaching staff... As I found out when SLT members kept furtively creeping into my classroom whispering their congratulations. That said, my sickness was so severe that it made it all rather obvious to anybody with eyes or ears that I was pregnant very early on.

    You will find that they may be quite careful once they know you are pregnant. If you haven't already been told you're going to fail at this stage, it would be very hard to fail you now.

    1) The NQT statutory guidance stuff says that poor gradings/failure should never be a surprise and they should be able to evidence how you've been supported.

    2) Once you let them know you're pregnant, you get all sorts of protection from discrimination. If you weren't failing before they knew you were pregnant, and suddenly you then are once you disclose it... Well, it looks very suspicious!
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  5. dunnocks

    dunnocks Star commenter

    congratulations! tell them straight away. Good luck!

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