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Surely you have phases...

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by anon3372, Mar 15, 2011.

  1. when you just can't be a.rsed with cooking?
    We must sound to newcomers as if we whizz up gourmet meals every night of the week.
    I do cook from scratch most of the time, but sometimes (like last week and this week, average of 11 hours AT work each day) I am so knackered from work that a pot noodle seems like a very tempting option...
    I no longer have a large freezer so my batch cooking for such times is now sadly limited - although I can usually just about muster up the energy to cook a pot of pasta and if I can't be faffed with a sauce, I have a jar of readymade pesto (ssssshhhh, don't tell your sister in law, egyptgirl) always to hand.
    Or just melt some butter and throw in some herbs.
    But do we really all go the whole hog every day?
    Or am I the only one who sometimes is too knackered to summon up the energy?
    Tonight I couldn't even summon up the energy to make some pasta [​IMG]
  2. marshypops

    marshypops New commenter

    I am slowly learning (with cosmos' help [​IMG]) to...

    let someone else do the cooking occasionally.
  3. haha!
    Daughter has requested to learn how to iron - who I am to stand in her way? [​IMG]
  4. lapinrose

    lapinrose Star commenter

    Being on my own for so much of the time, means I can't be a*sed to cook more than a tortilla or reheat one of the meals I've made for the microwave eg shepherds pie, leftover roast frozen in gravy and served with mash.

    Much as I love cooking, when it comes to cooking for just me, beans on toast is haute cuisine.
  5. I do often just cook for myself.
    If I am not knackered.
    Kids were at their Dad's all weekend and I fed on
    a chinese takeaway
    and a broccoli bake (i.e. bung broccoli in dish, splash on some milk, mix in some tom puree, handful of dried herbs, sprinkle on cheese, s & p, bung in oven - very haute cuisine).
    I just don't have the energy at the mo.
  6. marshypops

    marshypops New commenter

    Then don't cook, no-one will tut or think any less of you.
  7. nick909

    nick909 Star commenter

    We all love cooking for so many different reasons. We love creating. We love providing. We love learning. We love perfecting. We love eating. We love obsessively nerding about food.
    It is, ultimately, a means to an end.
    If you can't be arsed, don't put yourself through it.
    If you just want to curl up in front of the TV/in the bath/in bed with a book, then don't let the prospect of spending hours in the kitchen get in the way. I frequently can't be arsed. Fridays are always a minimal effort day.
    There's no shame whatsoever in:
    Bunging a pizza in the oven
    Whanging some fish fingers and oven chips on
    Micro-waving a ready meal
    Putting beans on toast on
    Getting fish n chips
    Popping down the pub for pie and mash and a pint

    We do prepare a lot of frozen meals for this eventuality though. And a always having a few tins of tuna in the cupboard, pizzas in the freezer or packets of smoked mackerel in the fridge have saved our lives in the past, I'm sure.
    Anyone who tells you they cook from scratch every night is either a) a liar or b) mental.
  8. LOL - yes, one or the other [​IMG]
    I get a bit edgy after a while of not cooking properly - but I have to watch that I do eat, otherwise I would stop eating. I tend to forget eating completely if stressed out.
    Which is not gooooooooooood.
    Like you, nick, I always have a store of something which can be quickly made up into something resembling a meal.
    But tonight, I couldn't face more than bunging the frozen pizza in the oven.
    It was edible. In fact, quite tasty. I shall not think of the calories. What is it with the meat on bought pizzas that make them ooooze with fat? Mine homemade ones never do...
    I should have bought a veggie one - but I fancied salami with peperoni. I think the salami was from a very fat animal.
    Or a test tube.
  9. Si N. Tiffick

    Si N. Tiffick Occasional commenter

    I had planned to bread and bake some chicken bits, and serve them with veg and spicy potato wedges tonight. The after school meeting draaaaaaagged on til way too late and by the time I picked up C, neither of us could wait a second longer to be fed. It hadn't helped that I am watching my weight and one kind member of staff had baked fresh scones and banana bread and put the plate right in front of me for the duration of the meeting. I was good enough not to eat them but wa like a dog witha biscuit balanced on my nose for 2 hours... We stopped off for Chinese takeaway on the way home and had half the prawn crackers eaten by the time we'd got to the front door. [​IMG]
    **** happens. We'll have the chicken tomorrow!
    Like you, CQ, when C is away with his dad I don't tend to bother so much. Achoori and toast, or samosas and salad, or my well documented favourite ciabatta sandwich, or steak and a baked potato is grand for just me, and takes no time at all. I always have some fresh pesto knocking about in the fridge for emergency meals, but today I was so hungry I couldn't think straight.
  10. When I had next to no energy yesterday, all I could manage was scrambled eggs on toast.

    Best bit was very little washing up [​IMG]
  11. If I were on my own ( pause to dream for a second)....I probably wouldn't cook as much. Having a husband who thinks that food is even better then sex means that I have to produce a meal every night. (TMI? sorry) On the rare occasions when I am dining alone I tend to have an omelette because it takes minutes to prepare. Or, if I have just returned from Scotland I will have a cheesy pasta packet - but that is rare. We do have a takeaway every now and then but I do cook from scratch nearly every night regardless of energy levels. Frankly, it's a pain!
  12. egyptgirl

    egyptgirl Senior commenter

    I have phases where I adore cooking and I have phases (like now) where I just don't care. Take my lunch today - a pot noodle which I somehow managed to both overcook and undercook (I got some very funny looks in the staffroom and a couple of my colleagues asking me if everything was OK between Mr Egyptgirl and me!), a prawn mayo sandwich, half a big bag of crisps and a boost bar. Healthy? Of course bloody not but I couldn't care less.
    But I'm tired from unpacking boxes, assembling furniture, wedding planning, talking to my Mum on the phone at 2am to check that she's OK and from being a bit ill myself. I'm not perfect and I don't claim to be. I love nice food and I love eating it - preparing it can be a joy but it can also be a pain in the posterior. And breathe. Rant over.
    (re the pesto: little does S-in-L know that I keep a jar in my fridge door. Sssh!)
  13. nick909

    nick909 Star commenter

    A case in point - Tonight we've planned to have a mushroom and pearled barley "risotto". Lovely, easy but requires at least 10 minutes of preparation followed by 30-40 minutes of fairly active attention (not slaving away, but it needs regular stirring and watching).
    However. I've got work coming out of my ears at the minute, and especially need to mark a set of books before parents' evening tomorrow. Added to that the fact that we had a boiler disaster this morning that will need to be looked into tonight, even if it only ends up in the plumber being called out. Added to that is the fact that my wife is seven and a half months pregnant, very tired and emotional, taking on far too much work and who is ultimately my priority in among all of this.
    The likelihood is, therefore, that the mushroom stew will have to wait til tomorrow. Or even Friday. Nothing will go off. When work is done, the boiler sorted and my wife relaxed after a bath, we shall either nip to the pub for a burger and a pint (for me, anyway), get fish and chips in, or just have beans on toast, depending on what pleaseth the lady. We will be happy and relatively unstressed and, best of all, there will be little or no washing up!
    No-one dies if you have a Pot Noodle once in a while.

    (And, an emergency jar of pesto is a storecupboard essential, in our house. As essential as peas in the freezer. Which, in fact, will often go in with the pasta and pesto as well!)

  14. henriette

    henriette New commenter

    that jar of pesto is one of my lifelines:
    • stir into passata to make a quick pasta sauce
    • spread in sandwiches to give oomph
    • paint on pastry then top with tomatoes and goats cheese for a quick tart
    • paint onto chicken escalope before wrapping in prosciutto and pan-frying
    Until very recently I was unable to eat factory-made food as I had an allergic reaction to potatoes (which are in EVERYTHING it seems ["modified starch"] ) so I got into the habit of cooking from scratch. Therefore, our Tesco curry last night (absolutely deelish by the way, although maybe lacking in sauce?) really was an oddity for us. Curry for us is usually made with a spoonful of Patak paste + meat and veg, made in the wok.

    On "cannot be bothered" nights I resort to eggs or spaghetti with oil, garlic and chilli usually!
  15. And tonight CQ...
    .... I opened a bought packet of lemon and raison pancakes and a pack of raspberries (both on offer) and that, along with a cup of Earl Grey, was my tea!
    Tomorrow I shall take a packed lunch of sweet potato (microwaved and cooling as I type) some big cous cous soaked in water boiled for that cup of Earl Grey and some chicken leftovers and salad leaves. Total make time... the time it took to boil the kettle and eat the panckaes and raspberries.
    I know that they'll think I did something special at work - they all like the Innocent lunch pots and think they must be difficult to make!
    Friday's lunch will be similar but with indian spiced cauli and broccoli rescued from the bake I'm having for tea tomorrow, if I can be bothered to make a white sauce.
    When Climber isn't home I seem to make my tea during that kettle boiling minute or two!!
  16. I can never comprehend how anyone could buy readymade vinaigrette!
    Anyway, I am glad to know I am not alone and that many of us have those times where we Just Don't Feel Up To Cooking.
    I haven't cooked all week, I have been working between 11 and 13 hours a day (god bless my ex for looking after the kids, as work is manic at the end of a quarter) - but I have eaten in the work's canteen at lunch, so I am not starving yet (and our canteen is goooooooood - all freshly cooked stuff).
    But my fingers are itching to cook again - so I reckon this weekend will be a cooking feast [​IMG]
  17. PlymouthMaid

    PlymouthMaid Occasional commenter

    We have home cooked food nearly every night but that doesn't mean that we cook every night. We try to make things like a 2 day curry, chilli, bolognaise, fish pie etc. Fortunately neither of us mind having the same dinner twice so long as it was nice the first time. If in a major rush then it is trusty pasty with pesto or a home made tomato or creme faiche based sauce.
  18. egyptgirl

    egyptgirl Senior commenter

    I had a reminder yesterday of why I so rarely eat processed food.
    I felt so sluggish and exhausted yesterday afternoon after having my pot noodle on Weds lunchtime.
    I will never do it again.
    Which I suspect is what I said the last time I ate a pot noodle. [​IMG]
  19. nick909

    nick909 Star commenter

    Hooray - same here CQ. Not made much effort this week - so this weekend:
    Already made hummus to eat with pitta and labneh for lunch.
    About to bake a pistachio cake with a lemon icing
    Tea will be a salt cod and potato gratin
    Tomorrow, will bake bread (got a massive lump of fresh yeast, free-of-charge from Tesco).
    Will brine a couple of pigs' cheeks to make Bath chaps/bacon
    Sunday dinner will be coq au Reisling

    Gonna crack on...although might make the most of the sun and go for a walk first ....[​IMG]

  20. Not cooking this weekend but next weekend is likely to be a big Thai blow out.
    I'll start prepping ot on Wednesday!
    4 starters
    2 main dishes
    2 side dishes (maybe 3)
    Pudding of some description
    It will be enough to feed about 8 people - so we will eat all we like and freeze back the rest!
    Green coriander chicken... I know it's Kenyan, but I like it and it fits nicely with a Thai spread!

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