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Surabaya - Indonesia

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by Frog100, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. Considering applying for an Int. school in Surabaya. Has anybody worked in this area before? What's it like?
  2. Considering applying for an Int. school in Surabaya. Has anybody worked in this area before? What's it like?
  3. I worked in Surabaya for a year and a half (though for top ELT school, not an international school). It is not the most beautiful or cosmopolitan city but has it's attractions depending on your interests.
    It is very near to a number of volcanoes and mountain resorts which can be great at the weekend. Bali and its beaches, culture etc. are also just 40 minutes and not a lot of money away by plane. The area of town where the school is located is new(ish) and well to do, with large hotels and the like. Surabaya is a big city so this does make a difference. I mention hotels as you will no doubt spend a fair amount of time in them, swimming, eating etc. This may seem odd but they provide leisure facilities unavailable elsewhere.
    There are not so many foreigners in Surabaya but a social life is possible if limited (though wild if desired...). The locals, however, are extremely friendly and as the language is really very easy to learn with the smallest application it is possible to meet and mix with local people. Again, though I stress that while this is a big city, it is not a cosmopolitan one and trips to JAkarta, Bali and elsewhere will be needed to keep you sane. As it is fairly cheap this will not be a problem.
    The(??) International School (not sure if there is another one) seemed good and modern but I know very little about it as I only visited it once to play an unlikely game of cricket in the distant shadow of a rather perfect looking volcano.
    Not sure if that is of any help, but it stirred up a few memories.....
  4. Thanks a lot Dillon for your excellent, informative post. I'm glad you didn't mention anything about the schools there as otherwise it would have been deleted. I don't know Indonesia at all and this really helps. Thanks again [​IMG]
  5. Hi
    I asked for info on the school I think you are talking about and as far as I can see the thread has been deleted. This gives me a bad feeling.....
    the school I am thinking of applying for is English curriculum, not the international one
  6. School is ok, just don't expect to save money!
  7. Zenkris, can you tell me a little more? Management? Mix of kids? accomodation? thanks
  8. happygreenfrog

    happygreenfrog Occasional commenter

    Hi there. This is my school. Feel free to mail me privately with anything you'd like to ask.
    So far,
    Management: excellent - only minor issues - with very good people involved.
    Kids: a mix of European and local, typical private school issues and on the whole with decent English language.
    Accommodation: excellent, modern apartments near the school and mall (the centre of everything here).
  9. happygreenfrog

    happygreenfrog Occasional commenter

    p.s. I manage to save money, with expensive holidays in SE Asia, and commitments back in the UK, though of course Zenkris perhaps has higher aspirations than me.

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