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Suppy advice

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by skills324, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. skills324

    skills324 New commenter

    I have a terms work lined up for next term. I get x amound which the agency say is the top amount but I was thinking...
    I will be teaching full time for a term- possibly having to do reports, certainly working like any other 'full time' teacher. If I was on day to day supply my workload would surely be much easier. So should I not really be paid more for doing a full terms work than I would if I was to do full time but in different schools on different days etc where mainly planning is left and you just have to go in and teach, mark and go home.
    A terms post will involve a lot more than that, so really I should be paid a higher rate, no?

    Thanks in advance for any advice
  2. I had this question. The agency reckon school barter a cheaper deal for a longer post so they can't pay more. Schools argue its guaranteed work. You should probably negotiate with the agency/school if you are expected to do reports, pretty hard on a terms work I would say. As for parent evenings etc you might need to do these. Make sure the school give you your PPA time though. You are still entitled to this.
  3. The agency I work for pays an extra 20% for long term placements involving planning, marking etc. Otherwise there's not much of an incentive to stick with it, especially when the weather's good and reports are due!
  4. My agency pays a standard flat rate for day to day supply. They have said that they would pay more for a long term position and that this would be linked the the Main Pay Scale.
  5. skills324

    skills324 New commenter

    I will have to do the reports- but with another teacher, we're class sharing as she's returning from maternity leave part time.

    I will be working full time though. I haven't spoken to the school about it but I intend to say to the agency I would like more money as I could simply work day to day for a term and have an easier workload.
    They're going to say all the above like people have said. 'We only offer a fixed amount etc' They'll probably say the school pays less or they charge the school less for long term. But I'm really determined to stick to my guns on this and demand £20 extra a day.

    Anyone else got any thoughts/opinions/ advice?

    Greatly appreciated

  6. You can try but I don't hold out much hope. Last year I worked in a very difficult school, in Special Measures,with an Ofsted inspection too. The school agreed that it was difficult to find people to do the job, behaviour issues were massive, and theat the workload was huge, which it certainly was, so after a lot of deliberation finally agreed to pay me an extra £2 a day!!!
    At least this year you have AWR on your side. I have another long term placement this coming term, in a good school with no Ofsted likely, but because of AWR I will be getting another £45 a day extra. Plus the holiday pay.
  7. skills324

    skills324 New commenter

    What is AWR? And what effects does this have on my one terms placement? Does this mean I can get an extra £45 a day?
  8. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    After 12 continuous weeks working in the same post in the same school (even only 1 day a week) you are entitled to scale pay.

    In theory. In practice some agencies and schools are jumping through hoops to try and by-pass it.

    AWR stands for 'Agency Workers' Regulations', an EU directive introduced last October to provide greater equality of pay and conditions for temporary workers.
  9. I am on UPS2 which is why I get the extra £45. If you are on M6 it will be lesss. But you have to have completed the 12 weeks first. I still have a week of next term at flat rate before I go on to the enhanced rate. My agency is insisting on the 12 weeks being with one school.
  10. Be prepared for your agency and/or school to counter this with claims that there is very lttle day to day supply in the summer. If you are happy to take a chance, stick to your guns- I would (and have done recently).
  11. skills324

    skills324 New commenter

    I think there is more supply around in the summer. Certainly more than the Autumn term. Staff are released for jobs to do at end of year, meeting with next teachers, progress meetings etc
  12. It depends on whether you are primary or secondary.
    In secondary year 11s and 13s finish by half-term and schools still have their cover supervisors. It's not unusual for timetables to be carefully rearranged (without staff losing gained time), or off-timetable days scheduled, to further reduce demand for supply.
  13. skills324

    skills324 New commenter

    Anyway- I spoke to the agency. After the usual as you would expect stuff they came out with, they offered me a £5 extra per day, which I managed to increase to £10. May not sound a lot but I feel the negotiations went well and was a success all in all.
  14. Without even knowing your daily rate, an increase of £10 is somewhere between a 5% and 10% pay rise. That sounds like a great result to me!
    Well done and just think how much extra that is a month...
  15. I think you have done exceptionally well. Congratulations. You are obviously much better at negotiating than I was.

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