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Supporting Statement

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by yordicolo, Feb 22, 2016.

  1. yordicolo

    yordicolo New commenter

    Hi everyone,
    I'm trying to find a job as a TA in Liverpool after work in London for three years. I have been applying for months now with no luck, I'm not really sure about my Supporting Statement. Maybe someone can give me some feedback...

    After finding at the _________ Website the post from __________ School for a Teaching Assistant Level 2 I believe my skills and experience make me the ideal candidate and I can suit greatly to the position.

    I discovered a natural love for children and a good humour attitude towards them when I had my first contact with Education 20 years ago. I had the chance to train a football school team and hold this position for 5 years, time taught me to be patient, deal with behaviour issues and develop my first techniques to motivate.

    From 2007, after I accomplished an ELE Degree (Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language) I started working at languages schools aimed to teenage students. In a classroom setting I had to learn different ways of explaining things, understand how children learn and conceive fun and engaging lessons which could battle lack of attention and interest.

    I started performing a Teaching Assistant position in SEN school by enrolling to Axcis Education London in 2012. I hold a Level 3 Teacher Assistant and the follow is a representative sample of the values I offered

    • Provide personal care and safeguarding the welfare to students.

    • Develop organisation and administrative dexterity by observing, monitor, recording and evaluate pupil responses to learning activities, contribute to setting individual education plan (IEP) targets and to IEP reviews.

    • Preparing resources taking into account pupils’ interests, language and cultural backgrounds and support them in the use of ICT

    • Lease with the teacher by providing feedback and, in her absence, cover all pre prepared activities to provide continuity for the pupils.

    • Develop techniques to teach Numeracy and Literacy skills efficiently.

    • Assist with escorting pupils on educational visits.

    • To provide support for pupils by encouraging and modelling positive behaviour in line with school policy

    My knowledge of the National Curriculum enlarged in a two months spell in Moorcroft Special School, when I had the chance to fulfil a class Teacher position, I was the one who directly designed the lessons according to student targets. I also developed my ability to relate to parents and team management skills, sharing experiences and observations with co-workers have been crucial in building up and improving my teaching expertise.

    My interpersonal skills are enhanced by my additional work experience. I have worked as a touristic guide for Trixi Barcelona or Costumer Service for Panasonic in Cape Town. I also worked in Ireland and India, teaching Spanish, volunteering or completing my budget with different jobs. Flexibility, fast learning and adaptability; learning the clues of new tasks were constant during those years. I believe this job experience and contact with all kind of people sharpened my team work abilities and transferable skills.

    I’m currently looking for a position which could widen my experience in mainstream schools in order to apply for a Teacher position in the future. I’m always open to Teacher coverings but I honestly enjoy the Teacher Assistant role: this position suits greatly to my future purposes and immediate needs. I’m also open and willing to undertake any training that can enhance my abilities.
  2. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter


    There could be a perceived problem - is English not your mother tongue?

    A school could consider that you might not always model the written and spoken language skills that pupils need.

    Just a thought . . .

    Best wishes

    ilovepoppies likes this.
  3. eromdap

    eromdap New commenter

    I am with Theo. You have some good vocabulary and experience. You might want to enlist the help of a native English speaker to make some of your sentences clearer and to maintain consistency in your grammar, particularly your tenses.

    It is also unclear as to what key stage you are applying for and whether you have experience working within that KS.

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