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Supporting someone with mental health issues

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by valencia, May 11, 2018.

  1. valencia

    valencia Occasional commenter

    For all out there who is trying to support a loved one with mental health issues, I urge you to find out as much as possible about this underestimated illness.

    By doing so, you can offer so much support.
    This time last year, I couldn't even bring myself to say the word 'mental. Fast forward 12 months, I am now involved and welcomed by a support group that my loved one is attending, we have become so much closer as I have a deeper understanding of everything, it has now become a journey of recovery and although we have periods of darkness, there are also periods of light, which we embrace.
    Everything is out in the open, which has an enormous amount of benefits.
    So, please don't be frightened of it, embrace it, learn about it, talk about it and try your best to understand it.
    Feel free to pm me if you wish.
  2. friedgreentomatoes

    friedgreentomatoes Star commenter

    I am so glad you are both doing better. Good luck to you both on your journey.
  3. valencia

    valencia Occasional commenter

    Thank you Friedgreentomatoes
  4. cys2017

    cys2017 Occasional commenter

    Hi hope you are well
    And thanks for raising awareness of mental health on Tes as it is sometimes ovelooked especially inside a teaching environment. I’m just talking from my own experiences.
  5. valencia

    valencia Occasional commenter

    Hi cys
    , You are absolutely right, since finding out so much about it, and attending sessions in order to support my adult daughter, my one aim is raise awareness. Since openly talking about it at work, a handful of staff have spoken to me about their own experiences (its good to talk) It had also given me greater understanding, which in turn, helps me understand and support where necessary.
    Thanks for you lovely comment.
    ROSIEGIRL and cys2017 like this.
  6. cys2017

    cys2017 Occasional commenter

    It’s okay. I can completely understand the importance of your initial post. I’m always here if you want to talk. Just private message me on here if you want to. Sometimes it helps talking to someone that you don’t know or that won’t judge you x
    ROSIEGIRL likes this.

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