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Supporting NQT/GTP

Discussion in 'Heads of department' started by magic maths, Sep 6, 2011.

  1. Hi. I'm looking for a bit of advice in supporting NQT and GTP placement staff. It is the first time I have had 2 staff to mentor & was hoping to get some ideas on what you ask/talk about during your mentor meetings with them. I have been given 1 hour a week with each.
  2. Link your meetings to the QTS standards and GTP equivalent. Use observations as the focus for discussion with your GTP student. Give them the opportunity to talk about what they find has gone well or where they need help. Keep the meetings 'open' and supportive - sorry, bit bland and wooly. Set SMART targets and use follow meetings as a review opportunity. AND, get someone else in the faculty to be a 'friend' to each of them. Get the 'friend' to be the person who they can go to if they have a quick question, need to moan about you - they might need to. Someone to be a big brother or sister to them, to look out for them and support. It's a role that needs some kind of boundary and you shouldn't ask any 'friends' to report back to you. Works well in my old department.
  3. bonjovifan35

    bonjovifan35 New commenter

    If you can see if your school will fund an MA unit in Coaching and Mentoring - I did one last year in my first year as a mentor and found it very useful. I'd also recommend the book Mentoring, A Handbook of Good Practice by S Fletcher which is available on Amazon.
    This recommends how to set up a programme and advice on focusing observations - I wish I'd read it before starting.
    Good luck! I found it a very rewarding experience
  4. [​IMG] Thanks for the suggestions, it seems that my first stab in the dark was about right.

    I will certainly look out the book, perhaps someone in school already has it. I have joined the coaching team within school & that brings external training with it so I'm hoping that will help too.

    So far so good

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