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Supporting an SEN child during writing.

Discussion in 'Primary' started by starflower15, Sep 20, 2015.

  1. Please help! I am in a totally new situation to me, I have a girl in my year 2 class who literally can't write a single letter and can barely communicate. Whilst the rest of the class are gearing up to write stories, I am very unsure what to provide for her. I have had low ability before, but this is a new extreme. She can't actually speak in sentences either. I have so far given her some sequencing activities and had her tell an adult what she wants to write, who then scribes it, but I just feel there is something more I could be giving her.

    Any ideas? This is specifically for the period where the children are writing their stories. Thank you
  2. plinth

    plinth New commenter

    Does she have computer access? We use www.widgit.com/.../index.htm which allows pupils to click on pre-made grids to "write" sentences. It comes with quite a few ready made grids which are usefull!
  3. lillipad

    lillipad New commenter

    Yes we do have widgit. I do make use of that and Clicker, but I am a bit reluctant to do that in every lesson as she will need to be able to develop some sort of pencil control / writing skills?
  4. Wotton

    Wotton Lead commenter

    She needs to be able to speak her sentences first. Clicker will let her become more independent and she will not be struggling with two things at once, the physical writing and the creation of sentences. You can then work on her pencil control and physical writing on its own. This should be more successful as she will be focused on the actual pencil control and formation.
  5. iccle_jen

    iccle_jen New commenter

    Does she not have an EHC or one in the process?

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