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Supporting a child with a stammer

Discussion in 'Primary' started by oxfordblue, Oct 8, 2015.

  1. oxfordblue

    oxfordblue New commenter


    I'm after a bit of advice about how to support a child with a significant stammer. He isnt diagnosed but it seems highly likely that he has ADHD.

    His stammer is pretty constant but gets even more significant when he is agitated or excited - which he is often.

    I work overseas and we do not have access to the usual SEN support (hence, no diagnosis). He has not been seen by a Speech and Language Therapist and, whilst I know this would be incredibly beneficial for him, this is not a possibility.

    He does not lack confidence and his stammer does not seem to bother him but it does make it difficult to understand him a lot of the time. Understandably, when he isn't understood he gets frustrated and stammers more and his ADHD becomes more problematic.

    I'm looking for ways to support him to achieve smooth and clear speech and to be able to be understood. We do not have LSAs or TAs so support would need to be offered by me, the class teacher.

    I have taught children with ADHD and stammers before but not together! I'd really appreciate and support and advice, or directions of where to look for help.

    Thank you

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