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Support Staff Resignation August Pay

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by Crowbob, Apr 27, 2011.

  1. Crowbob

    Crowbob Lead commenter

    Put down 31st August as your resignation date. You are perfectly entitled to do this. The personnel department is trying to save a few pounds.
  2. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    You could always go back for a week in September to make sure of August pay!
    Seriously, you need to look at your contract and speak to HR at the LA with any queries. The school manager/bursar or Head will seek to have a resignation date that saves them money. You are entitled to your holiday pay.
    I had a fixed-term teaching contract once that stipulated a month's notice. I handed in my notice a few days before the end of school in July and specified the entire month of August as my notice period.
  3. funkygirl

    funkygirl New commenter

    the terms and conditions of employment are different for support staff. Normally school employ/pay on pro rata meaning that you are paid durng term time only (based on week/hours). This paymet/salary is often spread/evened out over the academic year however meaning that staff are paid over the hols also if that makes sense.

    This can often mean that support staff are paid in leu when holidays are taken into account as they have been paid for hours that they haven't worked yet. this may be the case for yourself of HR have told you that the last day of term should be the resignation date.
  4. Some of the advise here is incorrect! Support staff are usually employed term time only which means they work September - July however the pay is divided into twelve equal installments paid every month and so your August pay packet covers hours you have already worked between September and July! You should therefore put your leaving date as the end of August and recieve a normal pay cheque in August.

  5. This appears to be as confusing as I initially thought!

    I will email personnel again and ask how their theory is figured out, that way I can understand if I am not entitled to the full holiday pay. If I still can't understand how it all works then I guess I'll speak to my HT

    Thanks for the input everyone :)
  6. funkygirl

    funkygirl New commenter

    As I highlighted initially, its usually pro-rota for term time only and evened out during the academic year which 'bored' pointed out earlier. I have know cases where support staff and teaching assistants within my own department and others have had money clawed back in their final pay depending on when they leave, hence why your first port of call should really be with your bursar or business manager! They should have the information on their system.

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