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Support and advice for nqt school says is failing

Discussion in 'Career clinic' started by Babycatdiamond, Sep 22, 2018.

  1. I'm new here so I'm hoping I'm posting in the correct place. So here goes and apologies in advance for any long waffling-

    I am a very proud mother of an nqt who quite frankly has been treated appallingly since last September.

    My daughter like many has since the age if 14 when she started work experience, has volunteered and studied for the past ten years.

    She volunteered at university during the later stages of the summer term. Then went on to be a ta then training, where she was getting outstanding in alot of her assessments on the last training term.

    She then went on to secure a ks2 year 3 place at a local school

    All seemed ok but after a few weeks she said she wasn't clicking with her mentor who did offer the statutory meetings etc.

    She never was told if she was passing for failing only a list of things to do etc.

    We as parents moved away to another area but our daughter wanted to stay local to be near friends etc as she was doing well and liked the other members of staff.

    Since Easter there has been a downward spiral where in August she contemplated suicide.

    The school offered her counselling and this is where problems started. All her mentor was doing was giving her lists if things to do and no real positive praise. All it woukd be was gave you done this have you done that etc whilst speaking with the school counsellor .

    She met a boy and started dating. In the counselling session she opened up to the counsellor about her feelings for this young man. For some odd reason it was implied that after seeing a photo off him the counsellor had made a decision that he was no good and that my daughter should cut ties with him... yes exactly!

    All of a sudden the deputy who was her so called mentor then started pressuring her to get rid then the head asked her to take him off social media.

    Why? They had formed some opinion that he wasn't good enough for my daughter. Wanting to pass her nqt she just done that.

    Things continued by her mentor without giving lists etc and quickly my daughter's mental health went down hill. All if a sudden she was failing her nqt so after medical evidence it was extended.

    The mentor started making quite digs to her. In the hot weather my daughter wore a vest top and scarf to cover her chest. Other teachers wore something similar. She was pulled aside and told she could have made an effort with her clothes.

    She spent 4 weeks over the summer holiday doing the classroom and spending her own money for some children in her new class. She had 5 1 plan and 2 senco children. The class had previously broken down two previous experienced teachers in ks1. A new teacher who was head of ks1 had them last year and he left in July.

    So she started the term and all was going well. Her mentor done a friendly assessment and had written that she was half way there with teaching standards and was so proud of the work she had put in even after a week.

    Then the lists started to pile up. The last few weeks to cover the demands of the mentor she was in at 7.30 until 6 but still more things were added.

    Wednesday she had her head teacher assessment. According this assessment she had failed (which she knew as she didn't have the support over a senco child and when the head came in the child was uncontrollable). That evening the head gave her the assessment. She'd had failed. Not only that she wasn't a team player and didn't contribute in meetings over tgis child that she only had known for two weeks. Furthermore she all of a sudden wasn't a team player either.

    When challenged about the mentors assessment last week's that she was doing well. The response was that she was trying to be nice!

    She now has been forced into sick leave and basically been told that she can't come back so she has her third term still.

    She's now in bits and after speaking to her training provider am so mad how she has been treated.

    Not only have they dictated to her who age sees in her private life who has no criminal record etc and works locally but they have stripped her down to the core.

    The mentor tells me that she had so much supported. This is coming from someone quite frankly bullied her and expected perfect and run her to nearly taking her life.

    She has now jobless and was told before she went that there are some places at the local supermarket.

    She is lodging an application with the union but what now?

    Thanking you all in advance x
  2. ladylyra

    ladylyra New commenter

    Gosh, I'm so sorry ou and your daughter have been through all of that! She's absolutely right to file a report with the union and I personally would speak to the local NQT team as well. My own NQT induction tutor told us in the last two terms that it'd be near on impossible for us to fail at that point because if we'd been doing poorly enough to fail, it should have been flagged up in one of the past assessments (people don't just tank all of a sudden) and a support plan would have been in place. He said that if that did happen, they would be in investigating the school and find out what had happened to make such a drastic turnaround. If this is the case, in all likelihood they're aware and getting involved already.

    If she still wants to teach, I believe there's lots of options there for her. You can do your induction terms in different schools and you can even defer it if, understandably, she needs some time away.

    I hope this is helpful in some way and I hope this hasn't killed her passion. Not all schools are the same,thankfully!
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  3. blueskydreaming

    blueskydreaming Lead commenter

    She needs to contact the Named Person at the local authority who deals with NQT induction and tell them what has happened, if she hasn't already (if the NQT year had been extended she should have already had contact with them). Any evidence she has will be useful to support her complaint, such as her lesson observation forms, emails etc.

    I don't understand who this counsellor was, and why they reported back sensitive information to the school? She needs to lodge a complaint against whoever the counsellor works for too.

    You can't fail your NQT year for not being a team player - there are 7 teacher standards you are assessed against, which one was the sticking point, behaviour management? You can't fail for a one-off incident (unless incredibly serious) - if her behaviour management was fine before this SEN kid then they cannot use that as grounds for failing her.

    For every term, whether you pass or fail, there is an NQT report that is submitted to the local authority, which she should be shown in advance, and which she should have the opportunity to respond to in writing (i.e. attach a written response at the bottom). For the term that was extended for medical reasons there should also be an interim report. Get access to these from the local authority, and contest anything that is not true or is contradictory.

    Regardless of the outcome your daughter needs a break from schools, as she must be very vulnerable and low at the moment. Is she alone, or with someone you can trust?

    It will be possible to complete a final term elsewhere later on, perhaps on a maternity cover or 1 term fixed contract, but she needs to look after her wellbeing first.

    Good luck.
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  4. JosieWhitehead

    JosieWhitehead Star commenter

    There is very little anyone can say except the treatment your daughter has received is absolutely disgraceful beyond words and I think the advice which you have above is good. The person who has done this is the one who is in the wrong and wants getting out of this type of work if this is the best they can do.
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  5. caterpillartobutterfly

    caterpillartobutterfly Star commenter

    Your daughter needs to contact the NQT link at the LA and her union.

    You need to contact the moderators and ask them to remove this thread asap. It will easily identify your daughter to any of her colleagues who care to read it.

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