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Support after returning to work

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by MableStarr, Oct 19, 2011.

  1. I would like to know what support if any you have been offered whey you went back to work after mat leave.

    My sittuation is that I returned in july and really it has been an expectation that I just carry on where I left off, even though I was an NQT before going off, and did not teach for the few weeks where I was at work last year before starting mat leave.
    I had a pretty horrible pregnancy and my baby was born very early, fortunately it all worked out well and all is fine now.
    I've gone back to work and I'm working harder than ever - however, this does not appear to be enough. I've had an inadequate obs and now there are support measures in place. I can't help feeling that perhaps there should have been some support measures in place on my return, and so would like to know what happens at other schools. I'm also informed by another member of staff that this is not the first time there have been issuse with staff returning from mat leave.
    Any comments/advice much appreciated.
  2. i got to observe my cover teacher for one day to meet the classes and see where they were up to and then i was straight back in the following monday full time, no support, nothing.
    sorry you're struggling. you could speak to your union and see if your GP will sign you off with work related stress and then ask for a referral through to occupational health. they would listen to you and make recommendations to your school for what they have to do to help you through your work-related illness.... that way you could get the support you need x
  3. My experience was similar to spider's. One day of catching up and then straight in, I've had no extra support from SLT -I'm a HOD and there have been no allowances for me missing things. I'm just expected to get on with it.
    Spider's advice is really good, and they have a duty of care to you. Is there anyone at school you can talk to? I've found talking to others at school who've recently taken mat leave has really helped.
  4. Thanks for your replies.
    I have a couple of people who I can talk to at work, and feel a lot better after speaking to them. One is HOD and today I have had another chat with her and have told her that I'm struggling - although she already knew this!
    I don't know if I'm struggling because I've been away, but it certainly doesn't help. I feel like I'm working harder than ever (a lot harder than I did in my NQT year) and still I'm not managing. I had an unsatisfactory obs last week and since then I've felt pretty awful, and by today I feel like everything is falling apart.
    Don't take this the wrong way but there is no chance however that I'llbe going to the docs to get a sick note - I'm a fighter and will do whatever it takes to crack these issues. So glad its half term next week though as I'm not sure how much more I can take.
  5. Sorry you're having a rotten time mable. I too have found it soooo hard going back to work. I'm back full time, doing 10hr days and a 12hr day every week. That plus LO having terrible nights so I am in a permanent dreamstate.
    I'm a HOD too, but that doesn't really make any difference. I've been given no support, expected to get on with it, had a couple of times when I have felt that SM are 'nit-picking' at things and I just want to turn round and tell them to f-off. However, I haven't as I too will not be seen to be bothered by it. It also didn't help that I had a miscarriage 4 weeks back, 2 weeks later OFSTED so it has been pretty stressful - never told SM about miscarriage as I just didn't want to use it as an 'excuse'.
    I'm just of the opinion that I will do what I can to be the best I can possibly be and if it's not enough, then I can't do anymore.
    Keep your chin up, take on board what has been said, even though you may not agree with it and even though it is the most de-moralising thing they can do and understand that you are a good teacher and mum, regardless.
  6. Thanks lilypot. It sounds like you've had a very dificult time recently. At least now if ofsted have already been the rest of the year should be a breeze. :)
    Today was much better - last day of term and all that.
    Following a long chat today I have questioned if this job is really what I want. Although I am yet to come to a conclusion, I believe that I can get through this. The date is set for my next observation so I can focus on making sure that goes well.
  7. I felt exactly as you describe in my second year of teaching, and I hadn't even had mat leave. It was less to do with the actual job, or my ability to do it, and everything to do with the school I was at. The support was lacking for anybody (unless they were favourites of SMT), and the kids were allowed to get away with all sorts. I changed school and my life is so much easier.
    Coming back after mat leave was difficult, even at my current school which is normally quite nice. For some reason my HOD decided to give me all the low abiltiy (and as such difficult behaviourally) classes. That made for a particularly difficult year, especially since I was getting very little sleep. It's slightly better this year as I have slightly nicer classes, but I've still recieved no extra allowances for having a small child at home.
    Good luck with everything. I am sure things will get easier, but it may be that you need to get more support first before you start to see that they are getting better. You may even need to try and move school to somewhere with better support available.
  8. Hmmm... this may be a little contreversial but.... I'm not saying if we are experiencing extreme difficulties that employers shouldn't try to help their employees but.... should our life choices mean that SMT treat us differently? Most of those who are older than us who've had children haven't had it as good as we have it now - maternity pay, flexible working etc...
    Sorry Jodidi if this isn't what you were hoping for and expecting but I don't know many employers - in the public or private sector that will make special allowances for those with young families (unfortunately!). I do hope you get a good rest over the holiday enjoy the extra time we teachers get with out little ones because of our holidays... and don't spend the week fretting over the obs!!

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