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Supply work

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by skills324, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. skills324

    skills324 New commenter

    Been on supply since September (I opted to go on supply for various reasons) I got a placement straight away but that comes to an end on Friday. For after Easter I hae now foind another placement for a terms work- which I am pleased with.

    What should I do over the summer holidays? I've never been in this position before. I am hoping to find a permanent job fro September. Should I sign on? If I get a job in September should I ask them if they would start my contract early?
  2. You can sign on even if you have a job to go as long as you are actively seeking temporary work. If you get a job for September in my first NQT job they advanced money on 1 September and then took it back out of my salary on a month basis over the year - it was a god send. However this is up to the discretion of the school and they may not want to do it in the current climate - I am not sure I would want to risk a job by asking. Sounds like you are good at getting work though! Over Easter will be working 6 days - 2 for Schwartz, 3 for a museum I work with all through the summer and 1 day tutoring.... I do long for a paid holiday, but also pleased to have a placement running up to the end of summer term. Nothing for September though and AWR kicks in June.
  3. Pennyforyourthoughts

    Pennyforyourthoughts Occasional commenter

    GOOD ADVICE.....
    Apart from signing on if you are eligible during the summer months you should sign on with an Agency in June July so they can get all the references done before the start of theschool holidays otherwise if you do not secure a position for September and leave it to then to sign up with an Agency you will be waiting several weeks before you are able to get out to work via the Agency. Better to sign up soon to be 'Work Ready' for September.
  4. Mrs-Pip

    Mrs-Pip New commenter

    I've been on supply for many years and I've never signed on. I try and save up during the year for the summer. I thought that if you choose to be on supply then you are not allowed to sign on???

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