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Supply work today!!

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by packed, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. This morning's call was for two hours work at secondary level (my level) in English. The agency didn't let me know about a similar two hours last week as they thought I would turn it down, but after nothing last week, I will accept anything. Last Summer I did a 6 week stint in Primary because there was no secondary. April and May were days that were very few and far between. I now realise that I have to do long term if I want any realistic wage as day to day is almost non -existent now. I arrived at school this morning at 10.30 for 11.05 start. I inished at 1.05. It was good and probably less stressful as the day had already started for the kids. At the moment I have to be ready for 7.30am every day, work or not. It's a bind, especially when there's nothing. I phone around 7.30 and wait for them to respond with something. I also think being away from school for longer periods of time makes it more nerve-wracking when you do finally get something. On a normal school day I would be expected to get to the school by 8.30am, but only if given enough notice. I am also on public transport which makes it more difficult and usually ends up with an expensive taxi journey when they phone me too late. Anyway, here's hoping for tomorrow, for all of us eh!
  2. I'm registered with 5 agencies in London but due to lack of work have also registered with a regular temp agency (Adecco).
    Today I'm a receptionist at a building on Pall Mall!
    I'd rather be a permanent Art and Textiles Teacher in a good school but in times of recession am taking almost anything I'm offered.

  3. I have work for this afternoon in a Foundation Class and on Friday all day in a Year 2 Class! Woooo!
  4. I have two children and my morning's routine goes like this - get up at 6.30, pack kids' school bags. Get dressed smartly for work. Wake children, get them dressed and breakfasted. Then wait for phone call! If no phone call I walk children down to bus stop at 8.10 and wave them off. If I get a phone call - and my agencies generally call between 7.30 and 8.00 I text the childminder, shove kids in the car and drop them at childminder's who will put them on school bus, then drive to whatever school I'm sent to. If no work, I wait till about 9.30 before changing out of my smart clothes and into my housework clothes! I am amazingly lucky in that I have a fantastic childminder who is willing to be flexible and she doesn't charge for days that the children don't go to her, which many would.
  5. I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on agencies for temp jobs, other than teaching. I have joined manpower and Pertemps but nothing from them yet. Apart from having a family, I have done nothing else but teach, so I do not have any other skills. Has anyone else in this situation got other work?
  6. I did train as a nurse, nearly thirty years ago, but I would have to do a 'return to nursing course', non-funded, of course. I have tried care home work, but the SRN does not cut any ice.
  7. Had to turn down regular 1 day a week supply through agency from school that requested me!! Already told agency i am doing supply so that i can be available to mind grandchildren when daughter and partners shifts clash so cannot take on regular work only day to day! Haven't heard anything from them since but do have a few days booked at the end of the month in a school that books me direct and another afternoon direct in a school giving me a trial!
    Fingers crossed more will start to come in as the term progresses.I get up early and ready to go each morning but when no call by 8.45 I get changed and make the most of the nice weather and quiet times!
  8. Been to same school again today, so getting better, but get this - i was requested for the morning only yesterday. That's 4 out of the day's 5 lessons! Thankfully, they asked me to stay on for the afternoon, so 1 more lesson meant getting full days pay. Today, not so lucky, booked for morning and they didnt ask me to stay on for afternoon. Trying not to moan though, as at least it's something eh?! Things picking up next week, seems I have a request for possibly 2 whole weeks' work at a school I've never been to before. Let's hope it stays like that now then. Nothing for Thurs or Friday yet though and the school I've been in is already back on 2 days INSET (!!!??!!) so it won't be with them. So tomorrow it's another early rise and a wait for that phonecall. It's actually costing me £8 a day to get a taxi to school at such short notice too. As I said though, better not moan. Fingers crossed.
  9. Well I am off to caravan for a week, family one so free, quiet time and there doesn't seem much work about. I got up and ready this morning after letting the agency know I could do emergency but got nothing. Lucky I have a few days free lance work from home to catch up on do the pre booked childcare at my mums was useful.
  10. jmntsp

    jmntsp New commenter

    I would be expecting 4/5ths of my daily rate for this, packed. Explain to them politely that if they pay half pay for morning or afternoon sessions that you will happily turn up and teach lesson 5 for them for a half day's pay.
  11. "I would be expecting 4/5ths of my daily rate for this, packed. Explain to them politely that if they pay half pay for morning or afternoon sessions that you will happily turn up and teach lesson 5 for them for a half day's pay."
    I KNOW!! And guess what! I no longer have 2 weeks work next week onwards. The school cancelled!
  12. I have a day's supply for tomorrow! In a good school with Year 6. I should be thrilled to bits as it's the first work of the term but I had lots of plans for tomorrow and I've had to cancel them all.
    I also had an email from the agency about the new regulations stating that if you only do one day a week for the school for 12 weeks you would need to be paid to scale. No mention of half terms not counting as has previously been suggested.
  13. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    Can you clarify - where is this detailed? I'm working in a school 5 days a week in mornings and am not being paid to scale!!!
  14. You have to work for 12 weeks for the same school before the being paid to scale comes in so you have a while to work yet. I suspect that agencies will put you in a school for 11 weeks and then move you. Then they won't have to pay you to scale.
    This is the link we were asked to look at, I haven't read it yet.
  15. With hardly any petrol in the car, and sleeping much later than I would usually I got a call with my first bit of work, a morning with a school I'd never been to before ten miles away. Had to scrounge a lot of coins together from pockets etc. to pay for the tolls I'd need between my house and the school and had a panic about being late but it was easier than I thought it would be. And the verdict? Well I've not improved as a teacher but I'm no worse so all is good. Not a bad morning in all. (and I got the pupils to peer assess the work before the end of the lesson - I'm learning!)
  16. My class today consisted of 21 (!!!!!!!!) beautifully behaved, keeen to learn pupils. If only every day's work could be like this. It reminds me of when teaching was fulfilling, enjoyable and worthwhile.
  17. jj80

    jj80 New commenter

    It's nice to hear someone had a lovely day! :)
  18. Am back into the abyss Monday morning: getting up early, ready by 7.30, to phone agency and wait for work. Funny, but when I gave up permanent teaching job 10 years ago, and after doing supply for the last 10 years too, I never thought I would reach the day when I would find it hard to even get an interview when applying for jobs. How gullible am I? I can't even get supply work on a steady basis. No work. No money. Little prospects. No chance of changing career, and a trail of attempts at own businesses but nothing too successful. What am I expected to do now then with 20 years teaching experience? Bin it and accept jsa for the rest of my life? Whilest supporting Mrs Cameron's Big Society of course, to use my knowledge and experience in some form of voluntary position! What a life!!
  19. I'm in the west yorkshire region and after two weeks..nothing. However I've decided you can't just sit on your back and wait for things to fall on your lap, including perm jobs, so just been getting busy with starting up an educational business, at least I have something to do now! One of the worst things last year when I had no supply work was just not having anything to do, I know I have so many skills and I have 'worth' and I just felt everything I worked for academically was being wasted.

    Put it this way, if you can't get a job working for someone else, start working for yourself by putting your skills to use. Teachers have amazing organisation, people, management and other character skills, make use of them.
  20. What kind of a business are you starting? The problem is most of us don't have any money to start a business.

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