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Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by AIRFORCE11, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. Hallo, I am new to supply and although I have worked a few days , the work seems very sporadic (as I think would be expected).
    1. What is the daily rate (approx) for teaching work ?
    2. What is the daily rate for cover supervisor work ?
    3. Do agencies operate a league table of teachers / cover teachers ?
    and if so
    4. Can one climb this ladder to get regular work.
    I am registered with 3 agencies at the moment covering Southend to Dagenham/Romford

    Any advice/help gratefully accepted - thanks!
  2. I am also in that area and unfortunately I have not had any work for over a year. Apart from the fact that as a very experienced teacher I am facing unfair competition from support staff due to misinterpretion by schools of regulations and guidelines, I also have no transport of my own now.
    When I started supply teaching over 10 years ago I was getting £120 a day from one agency (they had an office in Grays)with extra when I undertook long term work. But I have had no work from that agency for several years.
    The last work that I was getting was paying either £115 or £118 a day depending on which agency provided the work. But last time that I worked one of those agencies only paid £85 a day almost certainly because it was CS rate. I was not informed before taking on the booking, either by the agency or the school, about the different role or payment.

  3. Thanks Bronco ! Cover supervisor rate has now dropped to £60 per day - does not encourage the "supply" of good teachers . Good luck and thanks again.

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