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Supply work in NW?

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by npyper, Jul 8, 2011.

  1. Hi. I qualified as a secondary teacher last year and have yet to do any work in schools after getting a year contract in the charity sector. Ive not managed to get myself a job for sept and my partner is moving to Lancaster in sept. Living in NI right now the job situation is dire with little hope of regular supply. I'm wondering what the best decision for me is-to stay put and apply from here, or move over and hope for some supply?

    How do I go about getting on registers for supply in the area?
  2. Hi I'm in primary but I got loads of work when I did supply in the Lancaster area. I was with the Reeds agency that works for Lancashire Council so I got a decent pay and all the staff were friendly and organised. There is another agency, can't remeber the name, but friends who joined it never got any work compared to my 3/4 days. Maybe give them a bell to find out how much work is going? I know that I left it until August to register with them and they had to stagger the applicants by then due to the amount of people joining and I didn't actually start work until February.
  3. They also provide courses for free on different topics. I don't know if this is standard practise or not. I tried to go on as many as possible to show I was continuing my training.
  4. thanks midget_gem74.

    I called an agency and i can register straight away, except i don't have an address over there yet. they've told me i can either register with cumbria, or lancaster and blackpool. Would anyone have any advice on which area i might end up getting more work in? the guy on the phone said either, and i have a car so it'll be easy enough to drive. i am flexible about where i live, except it needs to be close enough for my OH's uni place.
  5. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    Call the Lancashire Teaching Agency in Lancaster on 01524 843347. They are the consortium of Lancashire County Council, Edge Hill College and Reed agency and if they register you and employ you, any teaching work is paid to scale and is made direct from Lancashire County Council, with access to the pension.
    They pay daily rate based on annual pay point divided by 195 maximum work days per school year and hourly rate as one fifth of the daily rate. That means thta you get pro-rata holiday pay built into your daily/hourly rate.
    As already said, you get access to 3 training courses per year for free, in addition to compulsory things like Safeguarding training.
    My information is that there is lots of primary supply work in Lancashire but the situation is less rosy for Secondary.

  6. mountaingoat

    mountaingoat New commenter

    I have just returned to Cumbria after 4 years overseas. Can't seem to find anything on the CCC website regarding supply teaching. Last time I arranged my own CRB and approached schools directly. Does anybody know if I have to use an agency?
  7. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    You can't arrange your own Enhanced CRB. It has to be done via a school that wants to take you in in the (near) future or the LA supply register or private agency employers.
    Althought the first CRB you get should be portable, few employers will tak.e the 'risk' of accepting one arranged with another employer and will expect a new one via them before employing you
  8. I know that Reeds supply agency/ Lancashire teaching agency have started doing work in cumbria as well. I presume that its with cumbria council rather than lancashire but its still reeds. I'm not sure of the number for the cumbrian office but if you use the above number they'll pass you on.

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