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Supply work in North London

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by rupanakrani, Jul 1, 2015.

  1. Hi everyone.

    After 8 years of teaching I've finally decided to give it up and start supply work in September 2015.

    Would really appreciate help with agencies! Looking for Primary School work in North London (Barnet, Haringey, Enfield, Watford) Reception through to year 3.

    PAYE agencies please. Either send me a PM or post on this forum (if possible).

    Much appreciated in advance!

  2. Have you called the agency I advised via PM? I haven't been short of work at all and they do PAYE... very much recommend. I am primary also and in the same area as you.
  3. Hi RN, I've just PM'ed you with a recommendation.
  4. Hi michrob I finally got through to them, it sounds promising. I have an interview next week with them, haven't been to an interview for over 8 years. Do you happen to know what they may ask me? Any tips? Much appreciated
  5. I have found with agencies (including this one) that interviews are more about what type of work you have done and what type of work you are looking for, rather than an interview for a post in a school where you might expect scenario questions etc.

    They'll really just check all your documents, explain how they work and sign you up.

    I think we need to interview the agencies more than the agencies interview us!
  6. teacha

    teacha Occasional commenter

    As michrob has said, agency interviews last about 5 minutes - they simply check your documents and sign you up. It is nothing like being interviewed at a school for a permanent position.
  7. That's quite reassuring! Thanks everyone
  8. So I went to the interview which wasn't very well organised and they tried to sway me to sign up to an umbrella company which I refused. Eventually got the forms for PAYE. The interview lasted an hour! Quite tedious.

    I've signed up nonetheless but am not to confident they can find me work on a daily basis. Need to sign up to another agency. Anyone have any other recommendations please?

    Much appreciated.
  9. teacha

    teacha Occasional commenter

    Well done for sticking to your guns on the umbrella company! Always insist on PAYE. Not sure what they had to talk about for an hour, though. :)
  10. tcoll123

    tcoll123 New commenter

    Hi rupanakrani - I've messaged you.

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