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Supply work for NQT

Discussion in 'New teachers' started by jayjayjacko, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. I am looking to sign up with an agency ready for september 2011. Is there a limit to the number of agencies in which you can sign up to? Also, must your induction year be within a school? Is there any chance of completing an induction year as a supply teacher?
  2. welshwizard

    welshwizard Established commenter Forum guide

    September is a notoriously fallow period for supply work, schools have staff apppointed to start the year and failing emergencies tend to be fully staffed. You also need to find out which agencies the schools regularly use-these are not always the one's advertising.
    Long term supply work is a good option as a term allows you to serve an induction- they are however in short supply and you need to develop a good relationship with agencies to land these
  3. Not only is there no limit to the number of agencies you can sign with, I would recommend you sign with as many as you can operating in your area. Ask friends, ask schools, search online, whtever you can think of and go for them all - as previous posters have said, supply work is very lean in the first term so it's important to widen your chances!
  4. Hi
    Just saw all these posts. I was in your situation a year ago.
    I have just spent the last academic year doing supply as I was unable to find a job /moving house.
    I signed up for four agencies and have worked solidly all year and am now very aware of all the schools in my area and which ones I am happy to work at. I worked for 31 schools, accross the primary age range over the year - which has been an eye opener!
    My year as a supply does not count towards my NQT year, which I am starting full time in September in a school i supplied for. You can do supply for 16 months only without completing your NQT. You must complete each term of your NQT in one school.
    I hope this is helpful :)
  5. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    Don't forget to apply for the Local Authority supply register too! It should be your first port of call as they will pay you on the Teachers Payscale and the work will potentially lead to pay progression each year if you work for them in anough weeks (26).
    You can also contact schools direct with your CV and any work gained that way will also be paid via the LA.
    I no longer sign up with private agencies as you have to pay for the CRB and there's no guarantee of work. I got no work from the last private agency I signed with, probably because they pay a sliding scale of pay, based on the LA rates and I'm top of the mainscale.
    Keep a record of any CRB costs and claim tax relief on them as they are Professional fees, without which you cannot do your job and are thus allowable for offsetting against tax.

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