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Supply wages not yet paid!!! Please help!

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by shalteir, Jan 2, 2011.

  1. If it's the last week of term's work, I think it's just that, the holidays, and depending on your area, the snow, may have delayed things (eg staff absence). If you were working directly through an LEA, you'd be waiting until Jan. 31 for pay. Once everyone's back at work, raise it again.
  2. Your contract is with the agency. Their contractural problems with the school have nothing to do with you or your right to be paid.
  3. My agency won't process my pay until they have confirmation of the work done by the school, it's not necessarily a matter of getting finds immediately from the school.
  4. "funds" not "finds".
  5. Most of the agencies I work for get email confirmation these days.
  6. So do mine, but not when the school authoriser is absent or off sick, then it has been delayed.
  7. gruoch

    gruoch Established commenter

    Good luck.
    I'm still waiting for money from July and the school denies my having been there for most of the days I worked, so no confirmation.
    And no time sheets or separate sign in sheets for supply staff.
  8. If you have worked and have not been paid then the school/agency have acted fraudently and that is a crime. Go to the police immediately and report this crime.
  9. satnav

    satnav New commenter

    I submitted a on-line time sheet on the 10th December which has still not been authorised by the school. I phoned the agency only to be told that my agent only now works three days a week, so I emailed my agent on the Tuesday before the school broke up, agent never responded so I the agency at lunch-time and spoke to the agent who said she would get onto it straight away but I'm still waiting for it to be authorised.

    The agent has made no effort at all to check with me to see if the school have authorised it. I suspect the agent has probably messed up by telling the school they were getting me at a Cover Supervisor rate and now the timesheet has been sent in at the teacher rate the school are not processing it.

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