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Supply wages in England v Wales

Discussion in 'Cymru - education news' started by opendoors, May 30, 2011.

  1. I am an NQT currently on primary supply in Essex earning £135 per day. I have been planning to relocate to Wales but am really shocked to note that supply teacher will earn £70 - £90 only per day [saw this on internet].

  2. Just been to Cardiff Education Supply Agency and been told that as from October there will be a law stating that teachers employed as temporary will be earning same scale as permanent staff. Great news I think!
  3. Just been to a Cardiff Education Supply Agency and been told that as from October there will be a law stating that teachers employed as temporary will be earning same scale as permanent staff. Great news I think!

  4. Agree with what has been said above.
    Teaching jobs in Wales are extremely hard to come by and there is a huge surplus of qualified teachers so many of them are on supply.
    The lucky ones get work through the schools direct and get paid through Local Authority and therefore get paid to scale and can make pension contributions. This only really happens if the school knows you.
    Others end up working for agencies some of whom pay as little as £50 a day (so I have heard - though for most it is a little more, perhaps £70 - £90).
    I think you will only ever get a rate similar to the one you mentioned if you work through the local authority.
    Sorry to give such a glum picture but that is how it is in my experience.
  5. teacher0

    teacher0 New commenter

    I think thats only if you have been there for 6 weeks or more

  6. I'm a supply teacher in Wales and I earn more than this with the LEA. Think it depends upon whether you're with an agency or not, as agencies tend to pay less than LEA's.
  7. I would agree with that. i gave up agency work as the money was less than through the LEA and the school were charged more. (also the agency didn't provide much work anyway!!)

    I am now working directly through schools but there is hardly any work due to the economic situation. Most schools tend to use TAs now. I have had to take work as a TA for the first time this year and am having to work at a slightly reduced rate to make sure I get work. (I don't mind this as at least I'm working and have an income!!)

  8. highest paying agency in Wales is IntroTeach give them a ring. They are all ex teachers and head teachers that run the company. 01269 862732
  9. I'd always recommend NOT working through an agency... they take a large amount of what you should be paid. Send out your CV's to local schools or phone up the education department at your local council to get your name on their supply register.
  10. Where are teaching posts advertised? I've been looking for a couple of years as we plan to relocate from London and NEVER seem to see in any Wales.
  11. Firstly, teachers dont tend to change jobs in Wales much so fewer jobs are advertised. Secondly lots of jobs are advertised on www.eteach.com without appearing in TES.

  12. Most councils no longer operate a supply pool ... all my neigbhouring councils do not do it any more ...
  13. darkness

    darkness New commenter


    Agencies due to EU legislation should now be doing holiday pay due to the temporary workers legislation. Either they can pay it on top, or as many agencies have done now, they deduct it from your pay and give it back to you during holiday time. Some dodgy ones will only give it back if you request it. Meaning if you don't they never give it, but legally, they have breached the terms of the contract and in some cases not even giving minimum wage, this applies mainly to those who pay an awful daily rate to begin with.
  14. Teacher2004

    Teacher2004 New commenter

    I am currently doing a part time maternity cover in Wales and was asked by the school if I wanted to do supply on my free days. I asked how much they would be paying and its £50 - via the agency - for a days cover. By the time that is taxed, I would be taking home about £40. I usually get £90, but they claim because its not a specific subject, it will be cover supervisor rate. I am not local to the school, so taking into account petrol money, its hardly worth it. There are an awful lof of unemployed teachers in this area so I am sure they will find someone. I have also been asked to do only one lesson - at £15 - and go to three different schools in one day. The second school was a good half an hour drive away from the first, so goodness only knows how they thought this was even feasible.
    Its ludicrous what some of these agencies get away with, cashing on peoples desperation for work.
  15. My area all schools have to use agencies,there is no longer an LEA department to deal with supply staff.My sister use to work in that particular office but now works in housing!
    Holiday pay is deducted but I have received mine back middle of August. Agree that daily rate is appalling, after 12wks at the same school they have to pay you as a 'proper' teacher! I hope to achieve this next month, time will tell.
    Good luck to all looking for supply it's a tough old world out there and the bank manager likes to see those pennies rolling in!!! [​IMG]

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