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Supply teaching

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by BYusuf, Oct 3, 2016.

  1. BYusuf

    BYusuf Occasional commenter TES Careers peer advisor

    If possible, shop around with the agencies to find out what their daily rates are.

    When I did supply, there were three of us from three different agencies in the same department and we compared 'notes'. I had the highest daily rate which the other agencies then matched when complaints were raised.

    I later found out that my agency was taking more than their fair share and was able to negotiate more for my daily rate.
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  2. JohnJCazorla

    JohnJCazorla Star commenter

    I don't know how you manage to get a straight answer from any agency on this question? Impressed that it's at all possible. Even estate agents give straighter answers!
    Absolutely agree with this, but RE 'complaints were raised' can't the agency come back at you with "Your contract with us forbids you discussing pay rates"? This is not a disagreement but I'd have taken the approach of not mentioning Your Rate but still pushing upwards.
    Again how? Did you butter up the Cover Organiser?
    Also did your conversation with the agency invoke this knowledge and lead into the same "Your contract with us forbids you discussing pay rates"?

    I agree with all of this and apply it whenever possible but I would like to know the fine details if possible.
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  3. Polka_Dots

    Polka_Dots New commenter

    I have just started supply work and currently work for two agencies. My daily rate differs depending on if it is a council school or an academy. An academy pays me less than M1 even though I have over 10 years experience. I can turn down the academy ones if they are too far away as it isn’t worth the money. I’ve only had about 2 days work per week and I’m hoping it picks up as I’ve only been working for about a month. I’m doing supply until a permanent job comes up after some time away travelling. Good for a stop gap but want to actually teach again!
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  4. mrjack

    mrjack Occasional commenter

    At UPS 3 after redundancy I am finding supply soul destroying. I had two days in the last three weeks. No income now for six weeks. Cover supervisors and HLTA's everywhere. Too many half days and inconsistent work. I have been teaching for twenty one years, was made redundant three years ago and I am at the point now of packing it all in, I cannot make a living, my salary has pretty much halved. It is scary trying to redefine yourself in your mid forties, starting again. I am so stressed out.
  5. snowflakesfalling

    snowflakesfalling Occasional commenter

    Similar situation here. 31 years experience now can't get a job or even an interview. Supply has been so scarce I'm now going for a seasonal entry level job in retail. I'm so scared of this situation but I can't live on air.
  6. peakster

    peakster Star commenter

    I know exactly how you feel guys - I was on supply a few years ago after being a permanent teacher for many years.

    Supply is tough and the amount of work now is even more scarce than it was when I was doing it. Most supply work now is long term. Traditional day-to-day supply has all but dried up in many areas. Schools don't have the money - they use CSs and do more cover internally. My school - we have 3 Cover Supervisors and we've all done a few covers to fill in the gaps. In previous years we would have had one or two supply teachers in every day - this year - haven't seen any.
  7. Computerchase

    Computerchase New commenter

    How much does supply pay daily?
  8. agathamorse

    agathamorse Senior commenter

    As little as the school and agency can. It varies from county to county and also depends upon what subjects you teach. Day to day has almost vanished completely. Long term work is still available but that usually entails doing all the planning and marking but for a much lower salary than a permanent teacher, and without pension contributions, holiday pay or sick pay.

    Check out the supply forum for more details about life on supply.
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  9. speaker2

    speaker2 New commenter

    What I do not understand , is that there is STILL a perception amongst a vast percentage of permanent teaching staff that supply teachers are paid "really well" . No pension, paid far less than equates to a teacher's salary etc etc etc
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  10. Deirds

    Deirds Senior commenter

    Late to this thread...

    In answer to Computerchase...

    I have accepted almost everything this year. (Apart from 5 weeks due to exam coming up / diabolical behaviour in one school. To compensate, I have had work during Covid19 outbreak..). I offer Physics and Maths.

    I have not earned enough to pay any Income Tax this tax year...Cover Supervisor rates are increasingly offered...
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