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Supply teaching without completing induction

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by Pugwash, Mar 6, 2016.

  1. Pugwash

    Pugwash New commenter


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    Supply teaching without completing induction
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    1. [​IMG]
      PugwashNew commenter

      I qualified with a PGCE and QTS in 2005 and up until 2009 I tried really hard to complete induction but due to health and personal issues at the time this didn't happen.
      I left education and worked as chemist in a factory until 2014 during which time I continued to wonder about returning to teaching and even completed a level 4 PTLLS.

      Yesterday at 9:38 AMReport
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      My health issues were sorted by 2012 and in 2014 I returned to supply teaching science for the summer term. Since then I've been doing some teaching and educational support work in a new academy.
    2. Now I'm teaching maths by supply in a PRU and I love it.
      But I'm wondering where I stand legally . The agency is aware of my background.

      I assume I still have QTS as it is never taken away but currently the school I'm at is LA governed although it will likely join the list of academies in the near future.
    3. Are the rules the same....I can teach in an academy or free school but not LEA schools?
      Do I retain qts? And I have no intention of completing induction.

      Am I still a qualified teacher? Although not 'fully' qualified due to not completing induction.
      I've read the statutory regs but it only refers to teachers qualified from 2007 onwards. I assume these regs apply to those who gained qts in 2005 too?

      Thanks for any replies.

  2. PizzoCalabro

    PizzoCalabro Established commenter

    This has been very difficult to read - why all the extraneous stuff?
  3. les25paul

    les25paul Star commenter

    OOPS a major IT glich there.

    Back to the original point. I believe that you can continue to work as an unqualified teacher and met someone in a similar situiation to yours only last week. But you might get a lower rate of pay from the agency.

    You don't need to be a qualified teacher to work in an academy anyway and very soon there will be so few (if any) LEA funded schools left to offer you work. I don't think that they can take QTS away from you but if you gained QTS after a certain date (and that date was pre 2000) you need to complete an induction year to be able to work in one of these non-existant LEA schools.

    If the agency knows of your circumstances and is still happy to employ you then I shouldn't worry. Some agencies might bend the rules but they wouldn't do anything that is illegal.
  4. PizzoCalabro

    PizzoCalabro Established commenter

    The agencies might well try to pay you less if they can get away with it, for any excuse - eg you are unqualified, but pay is ENTIRELY negotiable. If they value you because you are asked back, it is easy money for them and they will pay you more. There is NO pay scale -so don't worry about being on the 'right' level or being fraudulently paid more than you 'should' be paid, just ask for more periodically, and if they fear losing you to other agencies they will pay up - they have a massive mark-up and can easily absorb it.
  5. PizzoCalabro

    PizzoCalabro Established commenter

    Sorry, meant to say - where I live and work there are no more LA schools anyway - and academies , free schools and indies can employ whomever they like - induction is totally unnecessary.
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  6. Moony

    Moony Lead commenter

    You can also complete induction on supply, it just needs to be via long term assignments and have the induction stuff set up in advance the same as it would be for a non supply teacher. You should still be entitled to a mentor, extra PPA time and training support.
  7. historygrump

    historygrump Star commenter Forum guide


    I sent you a PM
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  8. elvispenhaligon

    elvispenhaligon Occasional commenter

    Is there still a GTCE style list?

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