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Supply Teaching with year two class

Discussion in 'Primary' started by ceh54, Jun 10, 2011.

  1. A possible bone of contention but pirates is a good one. If they liked the monster something else along that route maybe? Roald Dahl - james and the giant peach springs to mind as it has a lots of minibeast links. If you can come up the the first week's topic how about getting them to come up with the theme for week 2? Just a few Friday night ramblings, hope it has some use.
  2. etakbennett

    etakbennett New commenter

    Our Year 2's at are looking at the seaside at the moment.Reading and literacy based around The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch. Numeracy money and data handling, basic circuit and light and dark in Science and lots of art, In D&T glove or finger puppets for Punch and Judy and making lighthouses and for history comparing now and then, the Magic Grandad is good. Hope this helps.

  3. Thankyou :) The pirates theme sounds good! I was thinking maybe a cake sale? To raise money for the school.. And they could make leaflets etc.. But would have to check about baking with the school..
  4. It has a lot to offer - making maps, treasure hunts and clues, pirate shanties, items you would need on a desert island, sea shanties, history, muppets treasure island and dora the explorer, time lookiing at the life of a pirate and time needed to sail the seven seas, art involving parrots, hats and eye patches. The list goes on...

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