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Supply teaching through Flexible route!

Discussion in 'Scotland - education news' started by Secluna, Aug 22, 2016.

  1. Secluna

    Secluna New commenter

    My situation seems to be quite unique and I haven't found anyone else (yet!) in my position but I'm ever hopeful. I qualified to teach History in '97 in Wales and returned to Scotland. Five children later I've just gained provisional registration last June and was told that I would need to gain full registration through the flexible route by working supply for 270 days. However I am a probationer teacher which means as you know I need extra support especially as it is almost 20years since I qualified so as well as finding my own supply I also need to ask for mentor support! You'll not be surprised to hear I have come up against a wall of silence from my council and I am realistically looking at accepting any supply work I can get from very desperate schools who don't mind having a very inexperienced new teacher cover a class or two!
    I feel like I could do with any advice as to what to do to make myself more employable? There must be some Scottish supply teachers out there who can point me in the right direction?
    Any advice gratefully received :)
  2. bigjimmy2

    bigjimmy2 Established commenter

    Speak to a union.

    I would take any supply work you can lay your hands on. I would reckon it may take you a bit longer for full qualification if your supply isn't always History. If you get into a school try to hook on to the probationers' meetings and speak to whoever runs that. Get some CPD in, which can simply be reading all matters educational. If no-one is giving you active help then deep breath, f * c k it, and do it yourself.

    Surely it is in no-one's interest to make it soooooo difficult to re-qualify? Surely "standards" can be maintained without making it so onerous?

    Good luck.
  3. Flere-Imsaho

    Flere-Imsaho Star commenter

    I don't think your situation is unique. I know several teachers who have qualified through supply on the flexible route.

    You should apply for long term temporary jobs if you can - there's no way you will get the support you need doing day to day supply. While supply in any subject might be useful (and earn you some money!) it doesn't always count towards your full registration. Check the rules on the GTCS website.

    Your council should have someone who deals with all probationers. Get a name and pester them. And possibly think about work outside your immediate area - LAs and schools with teacher shortages are more likely to be willing to help you find a mentor.

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