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Supply teaching - scotland

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by Jill85, Jan 20, 2016.

  1. Jill85

    Jill85 New commenter


    Wonder if anyone can help me. I passed my probationary year in June and have been kept on at the same school, full time until October and then I worked full time by working at a different school one day a week as well as the 4 days at my usual school. I was supposed to finish at Christmas but a teacher is going off for a while so I've been kept on full time until Easter which is great. I'll have to find work in term 4, which is okay as I've done it before but I'm stressed that it'll be a quiet term and that nobody will need me and then it'll break my continuous service (as I need two years continuous service in order to be made permanent).

    Can anyone tell me the maximum break you can have for it to be considered a break in service? Do I need to find work 5 days a week until June? I'm obviously happy to work every hour sent to me, I'm very grateful, but as I've said I'm just worried that I won't be needed for that amount of time and then I'll be a break in service through no fault of my own and then my two years will start again despite 3/4 of a year of really hard graft.

    Thank you for any information, or even a point in the right direction - I can't find info anywhere!

  2. nearmiss

    nearmiss Lead commenter

    You could repost this in the forums specifically for Scotland as you are more likely to get local advice there.
  3. Mazod

    Mazod Occasional commenter

    I take it you are secondary? I don't see supply in term 4 being as big a problem if you are primary. I am in the secondary sector and I know that after Easter things are quieter for supply due to exam leave. Would you consider ASN? You might have more luck there.

    You are due employment rights for unbroken service even if you are working part time although you would have to work at least one day per week. The other thing about that is that it would be acceptable in that case for the council to offer you a part time rather than a full time permanent contract.

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