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Supply teaching (Primary) and Resources

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by Tomito, Nov 2, 2015.

  1. Tomito

    Tomito New commenter

    Dear all,

    I have registered today with an agency and they were very positive and encouraging. I have been told that I need to have a bank of resources so when I get called in to go to a supply job ( as soon as the CRB is cleared) I can use those in case the teacher does not leave any work. Is this normal procedure? What do most people do in these cases? I was thinking about looking into Resources here in TES and pull a few generic lessons but it is hard to know what I will be called to cover and how many lessons I need to plan. Thank you :)
  2. snowyhead

    snowyhead Lead commenter

    The agency will recommend that you carry resources to cover all eventualities - most agency consultants are not former teachers and have little idea of what can be done 'on the hoof'. If you are expected to plan lessons from scratch then the agency should be paying you more for this - the agency I was with paid £5 per day extra (...yes, I thought so too!). Online resources are very useful. I would also have a look for some supply teacher resource packs/books via online/high street retailers.

    CRB checks are now known as DBS checks - and I can't emphasise this more strongly @Tomito REGISTER WITH THE DBS UP-DATE SERVICE. You can do this within 19 days of receiving your DBS certificate number, at present it costs £13 per year to subscribe and is well worth it, particularly if you want the flexibility of working for schools directly and well as through the agency.

    Good luck.
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  3. nearmiss

    nearmiss Lead commenter

    No no no no and no.
    Unless they are paying you the extra out of hours time to do the research and the planning, plus expenses for printing and copying, don't do it. You can't take your own memory sticks into school for safeguarding reasons, plus very often you don't get a password to the computers. Plus how are you going to photocopy stuff, certainly not at your own expense? You can't claim out of pocket expenses from the agency so don't run them up. Schools will only do this by arrangement if they know you and you work directly for them.
    It is the school's duty to provide a programme of study and this includes a contingency for staff absence. If you are going on a long-term placement, you have to plan and mark, but day to day, schools are expected to leave work. You can't have any idea what subject you might be expected to teach or what age group. What if there are kids in a class with complex needs or no English? How can you differentiate?
    No school worth its salt would allow an outsider to bring in random lesson materials.
    There are other threads on this topic on this board.
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  4. nearmiss

    nearmiss Lead commenter

    Agree with Snowyhead about DBS.
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  5. snowyhead

    snowyhead Lead commenter

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  6. Tomito

    Tomito New commenter

    Fantastic information! Thank you!
    And thank you for all the links...

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