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Supply teaching . Is this the end?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by tawnyowl10, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. It has now been months since the supply company I am with offered me work and no feedback so you just dont know what is happening. When I have phoned one feels one is wasting their time. I also read in my Union mag dishearting news. Are all areas the same? Its like all schools are closed to supply teachers. Their role has changed from being a life line ready to adapt to any situation to no longer needed, door closed? Has anyone any positive news or ideas? Also how does one make ends meet?
  2. I don't get any cos apparently I cost too much! Doesn't experience and skill or good spelling count for anything these days>?
  3. Read through the supply forum. Answers from the Dept for Education seem to show that HTs asked for deregulation & prefer not to have to choose qualified supply staff.
  4. You need to bug your agency like a very annoying thing constantly. If you are made to feel like you are wasting their time, you need a different agency, asking for work is not wasting their time it is them doing their pigging job! Bear in mind though, if you are rather picky about the work you will accept you won't be their favourite person to place. You also need the places you go to phone back and tell them how wonderful you were, or to ask for you by name when they phone again. Not too hard to do, just be lovely and lightness, nothing is too much for you to do, and leave them with a huge smile and a thank you and press your little card into their hand (the supply booker in the office usually) with your name etc on saying you would be super happy to come again if they need you for anything in the future.
    The other flip side is supply has certainly gotten less common for qualified teachers - my school uses TAs for ANY planned absence now, including those where we have Government funding to pay for Supply teachers to release the CT (I'd love to see them explaining all this when they get audited!), something some of us are VERY unhappy with, but can't seem to do anything about (Head keeps threatening job losses due to the current economic climate so no-one wants to put their head above the line - those who already have have not gained any results and have just been shouted down (including a member of SMT!).)
    However, having said that, we do still use Supply teachers for sickness absence (bizarrely so), and we have quite a high rate of illness at our place (I wonder why?!) so we tend to need quite a few. I haven't had a chance to talk to many of them, but it seems to be mixed as to whether there is much work out there or not depending on who you talk to.
    When I was in fringe London there was far too much work (triple booked at times!) I'm now in Brum and as I say I think its a mixed case of whether there is work around or not - if you are good, there will always be good schools who care more about their children than whether or not the Head gets a jolly that year or not....(Yes I know it doesn't really get spent on that, but it feels like it).
  5. RamC

    RamC New commenter

    I'm on my PGCE at the moment and we had our job fair two weeks ago. We had FOUR local authorities represented, and over thirty supply agencies. So I hope, for all my sanity, that there is at least some supply work out there, as there seems to be precious little else! Good luck in continuing work in the near future with yours, and don't move to Wales :)

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