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Supply teaching in Sefton where has it gone.

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by dr jackson, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. I thought I would resurrect this thread as I noticed that Sefton are advertising for supply teachers!!! I can't understand what work these new teachers could possibly get. I just hope that it is made clear to candidates how little work there is.
  2. No I'm puzzled as to why they are advertising for supply teachers. I have not got ONE day directly from Sefton Supply in over a year although being registered with them does mean that I can get work with Sefton Schools where I'm known. I recently had to renew my CRB at my own cost plus their additional admin fee - hardly worth the cost of doing so.
    I'm in primary by the way and have only had about 10 days work in Sefton and other NW areas since September 2011.
    I'm now signing on for JSA but that seems to cost me money as I have to pay to travel there and park, etc and they have not paid me anything since January because I've had a few days supply work.

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