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Supply teaching in June and July

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by clazz_y, Mar 19, 2011.

  1. When I was doing supply, I found it not too bad but I had three regular schools and I was there main supply teacher. But previously, when I didn't work at those schools, work was pretty limited and was a day or two here and there. Like said, there is less trainings, sickness and often school events such as sports day. But there's no saying really, work could be plentiful!

  2. gud4age

    gud4age New commenter


    I could have covered this area this time last year and after May things slowed down. I ended up in Sheffield in June July as managed to get a long term absence. I
  3. Yep it is often subject dependent, area location dependent, primary or secondary dependent.
    However if you are coming back from abroad we have a mindless bureaucracy awaiting.
    You will have to sort our a CRB check, (may take a bit) you may be asked to provide police checks from the country or countries you have lived in for the last five years. (great fun)
    However now is the time to start avenues with the agencies if you are going the agency route.
    One thing about education UK, no shortage of paperwork and no shortage of supply teachers!
  4. Then why are Supreme Education and Teaching South West actively advertising and recruiting now IF THERE IS <u>no</u> WORK??????????

  5. stunica

    stunica New commenter

    Just an extra point. If you really do want to do this you will need to approach the agency or agencies double quick as it will take time to process the CRB, follow up references etc in order for you to be 'cleared' for work in time.
    Good luck !

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