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Supply Teaching for secondary Availability in Northern Ireland? Advice

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by anon127, Apr 19, 2011.

  1. Please advise if possible. I am from N.Ireland and wish to return so much. I have applies for two jobs last school year and got interviews but no job.
    I am aware that there is a blanket notion that teaching in Northern Ireland is 'dead man's shoes', but as an educated person I am unsure whether to believe this, but have not really applied for much as only two jobs in my subject have come up.
    I would return to NI even if to do a few days of supply a week and earn a reasonable living. Is this possible in people's experience? I would take a gamble if I could,as frankly I am fed up living away from all my family just for work. In addition, does anyone know of how one can tarnsfer skills in N.Ireland? I would love some advise if possible

  2. Hello, I am in the same situation as you. I'm in my third year as a secondary teacher in Suffolk and would love to return to N.I. Only a handful of jobs came up in my subject last year and I didn't get any interviews. Not one has come up in my subject since September. I'm thinking of the supply route as well but I hear there's not as much supply work as there used to be (due to all the teachers graduating with no jobs) so it would be difficult to get enough work to live on. I see you posted this a year ago. Are you still in England or did you go down the supply route at home?
  3. pablomarmite

    pablomarmite New commenter

    Hi, I am a teacher in Suffolk too, looking to move home to NI. I have been teaching 8 yrs, 4 in secondary, 2 middle and in 2nd year of primary. Have a mortgage, wife (also primary teacher) and a child. Would love to get a permanent job in NI but we are thinking of moving this year with no jobs and use savings to live and bits of supply to get by in the hope of finding something. If after a year it doesn't seem to be working we will return to Suffolk. Think if we don't move now we will never move, a gamble we know but at least will have family around us in NI and can say we gave it a go.
  4. That's funny your in Suffolk too! Small world. I think if you don't just make a decision to go it won't happen and the longer we leave it the less likely we'll ever go back. I'm lucky as I've no ties so it's less of a gamble. I think I'm going to be brave after Easter and just hand in my notice. I'll hate doing it as I love my job and my school but I think I just need to. I wish you and your family the very best and hope it works out. You've got loads of varied experience in Secondary and Primary so I'm sure you'll get enough supply work to keep you going. Goodluck! Lisa.
  5. pablomarmite

    pablomarmite New commenter

    Thanks. We are going to hand in notices after Easter, spend holidays getting CVs together etc and packing! We both enjoy teaching and I have been told there is supply if you are good and prepared to travel for it but perhaps not as much as there once was. All the best with your decision, I hope to come back on here next year and tell people it is possible to move and get jobs in Northern Ireland. People said I couldn't move from Secondary to Primary and that no-one would give me a job, I proved that wrong, so this is simply my next challenge. Prepared to return to High School if needed, I enjoy them equally the similarities far outweigh the differences. Ultimately a teacher is a teacher and a good lesson is a good lesson whether in early years or at A Level. Good luck.
  6. I sent my CV around 30 schools the last half term and only got 1 reply saying 'thank you for your CV'. I guess schools just must get inundated with them. Disheartening, but at least I'm being proactive. I'm going to register with the NISTR after Easter as it can take 4-6 weeks to process as you need a new CRB check. Lets keep positive, we will get work! I might message again mid next year to see how your getting on. All the best!

  7. Hi, I'm a primar teacher in NI and I was in a similar situation about 8 years ago when i graduated in England. I know primary differs from a subject s[pecific post but I personally visited the schools nearby to give out my CV - i found that getting a face to your name helped a lot. Once I got my foot in the door in a couple of places I was getting booked up quite a bit. I found personal connections a real help, and exploited these. In my school we've taken secondary trained supplies in on a daily basis so even try primary - it'd do no harm!

    good luck!
  8. Hello, thanks for your message. When I decide whereabouts to live I'll definitely go around to the local schools with my CV in my hand! Do you have a permanent post at the moment? If so is it in a school you did supply in? Do you think doing supply and getting your 'foot in the door' that way helps your chances of permanent employment in N.I? It doesn't work that way in England but I'm getting the feeling it does at home!
  9. Hello. I find this interesting, I hope you have secured a job. I have completed my PGCE this year and knew the chances of obtaining a job in NI were basically non existant. After 4 interviews in England and no job with feedback of "a more experienced candiate secured the post" I was wondering what are the chances of NQTs getting supply work in NI?

    At the school I did my placement in there was at least 5 Irish teachers!
  10. Hello, that's unfortunate on the job front. I've started hearing it's getting more difficult to get posts in England too. Are you secondary or primary? I hope you get somewhere to do your NQT year. A lot of schools don't spend the money to advertise on the TES, especially for maternity covers etc. So look at the county council websites. There were always lots more jobs on 'Suffolk county council jobs' than there were on the TES. No luck with the jobs in NI for me. It's going to be a case of going around with my CV towards the end of next week. Scary times! I know a NQT who got quite a bit of supply in NI last year so I'm sure you'd get some if you have moved back. Goodluck.
  11. Yes I am at home in Fermanagh (not even in Belfast or Londonderry where there are more schools!). Am trying to decide what to do. Option 1: Stay here and do the same as you- go round schools with CV or Option 2: Ask my aunt, who lives in London to nicely put me up for a while and do supply there. I have asked myself these questions all summer whilst still applying for anything that came up! But I still have not made any decisions and time is ticking!
  12. GCasey03

    GCasey03 New commenter

    Did you come to any decision?? I am sort of in the same position now. I qualified in Primary from University of Manchester last June and then proceeded onto a six month maternity post in the city. I was really home sick and moved home when it came to an end in February. It took ages to get everything sorted with NISTR and GTCNI but when I finally did I travelled around all the schools leaving in a CV and having the chats with principals/vice principals and I got one half day's subbing from a school further afield that I hadn't even gone to. I'm now weighing up my options, whether to try and go around the schools in Belfast and look for subbing or bite the bullet and return to England. Any advice would be much appreciated as I have felt at sea for about 6 months now and the situation is starting to look a bit bleak!
  13. GCasey03

    GCasey03 New commenter

    Same really. Fingers crossed something comes up. Just going around the schools and handing in CVs. I'd love to relocate to Belfast but I don't feel I can take the chance in case the subbing is not forthcoming. Do you know anyone who has had success in Belfast?
  14. Thank you. Same to you, lets hope the phone starts ringing soon. That's why I moved up here - I thought more schools should equal more work but I'm not so sure at this stage. I'll keep you posted. I've just taken an evening job to pay the bills until I get some work.
  15. Did you make the move. I have been teaching in cambridge for 15 years at seconday level, so homesick. Like you have a family but want to move closer to my family. Thinking of going over with no job and trying to get known through the supply route. Wondering how you faired
  16. pablomarmite

    pablomarmite New commenter

    My family and I made the move we managed to sell our house just in time to arrive for September. I have handed out 35 cvs in Primary schools so far. We are both not working relying on savings and we have another baby due in Dec! It has been great being with family etc but a bit weird not working as usually this time of year is so hectic for a full time teacher. From the few heads I have spoken to they don't seem very positive about opportunities. I knew it would be very difficult and that Sept would be the worst month but it is difficult not be down hearted when they say "I will put it with the rest of them". Would love an evening job to keep things ticking over but nothing at all where I am. We said we would give it a year and if nothing was happening would return to England as we know we would get teaching work there quite easily as we have built up so many contacts etc. Will keep updating as this year progresses.
  17. Hello LisaSarah. I think it is a wise idea to move up towards there but I have no way of doing that at all. Feeling a little bit miserable about the whole situation at the moment! Need to stay positive as that is the only thing that will help! I hope you find work!
  18. GCasey03

    GCasey03 New commenter

    I was about to post and ask how everyone was getting on to see if anyone was having any luck with subbing and now reading over these posts I don't know whether to feel relieved to see I'm not the only one waiting by the - silent - phone or utterly hopeless about my future as a teacher in NI. I know we all have to stay positive and hopefully with just one call we will have foot in the door somewhere. Any luck in Belfast LisaSarah? I really wish the subbing route here was more like England with supply agencies...the leaving CVs in approach feels so like begging for work and also more a case of 'who' rather than 'what' you know. Also getting mixed reports from people that my English teaching experience counts for very little as schools are looking for NI specific experience, has anyone else heard this?
  19. Pablomarmite - Congratulations on the news of another baby on the way! It must be lovely to be back near family when you have little ones. My sister finds it tough being in England with her wee girl and no extended family around. I really hope you get work soon. Your only regret in life the things you don't try and if worst comes to worst next year you know you'll get a job in Suffolk again. Have you advertised yourself as a tutor? The primary supply teachers in the school where my Mum works dash off at the end of the day for tutoring. I'm sure there would be a lot of parents of P6/7 children who would like extra support for their children doing the Transfer Tests. Or whatever they are called nowadays!
    Doogall - Staying positive helps. Are you secondary or primary trained? Have you got back in contact with your old Head of where you went to school in Fermanagh? I know my old secondary school are very good to their 'own' and give them work. It would be worth a phonecall if it was still the same Head or Deputy.
    GCasey03 - I've had a bit of luck in Belfast. I got 3 days booked in for the start of October at a school I sent my CV to about 2 years ago when I was still in England. They kept it and said it was good. So that was a confidence boost because you start to think it must be rubbish when you don't get contacted! It's a long drive from where I am now but that doesn't worry me. Any experience is better than no experience, English or not!
  20. pablomarmite

    pablomarmite New commenter

    Gcasey03- Any jobs advertised have stated knowledge of NI curriculum which is frustrating, but know if I can get some subbing then that box will be ticked. I am finding it difficult with my Cv as I am experienced in Primary but Secondary trained and some jobs state must be Primary trained. Handed out another 10 cvs today and the one head who I spoke to had needed 4 sub teachers the previous week and it took him 10 calls before he filled them. He and other schools must have loads of cvs in their filling cabinets.! My old school in Suffolk could not get anyone to do supply in it!

    Lisasarah-I seen half a dozen adverts in local paper of people offering their services as a tutor so not sure if there much work there either. Again probably based on local reputation as a teacher whether you get tutoring or not. Will hit the streets again tomorrow and keep my chin up, knew it wouldn't be easy and there was little chance of getting work in September so just must stay positive.

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