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Supply Teaching Agencies

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by JustineCaerphilly, Mar 20, 2011.

  1. JustineCaerphilly

    JustineCaerphilly New commenter

    I would welcome recommendations on which suppply teaching agencies are good. I've returned to teaching recently and have found that many agencies are staffed by consultants that have virtually no experience of working in education and therefore are quite unhelpful in their support of supply teachers.
  2. useless

    useless New commenter

    It depends on which area of the country you want to work. I suggest you look at Rate My Agency website to see what others think.
  3. The chains vary depending on which office you're working through... and even within an office - any agency is only as good as the consultant working your desk - and if they're one with a massive staff turnover, you can quite easily find the consultant who's got you tonnes of work and you've got a good rapport with is suddenly on his last day and the new one doesn't like or use you anywhere near as much.
    That's before you get onto the localised ones... so we need more to go on to give you some recommendations basically!
  4. I find new agencies every week! I have resisted joining any more as they promise work and then fail to come up with the goods after the initial `we have a position that is perfect for you`. I do ring up my core agencies and remind them I am free here and there but it seems the busier you are, the moe work you get as they are so competitive and like to have you all to themselves! I just play hard to get and say how much I love working for them but unfortunately they just do not get to me quickly enough. Works a treat!
  5. Hi Justine, I signed up with an agency called Headline after also experiencing various agencies that just didn't have a clue about teaching. I joined Headline as they are run by head teachers and all of their consultants have worked in education before (ranging from ex teachers, previous nursery owners/ managers or education graduates). I must say that Headline are by far the best company that i have used and i have had more work come from them in the short time i have been with them than what i have had from any of the other agencies i have been with. I hope this helps :)
  6. Many agencies will offer rewards to members who recommend them to others. So if you are going to recommend agencies on here how about asking them for such a reward?
  7. I joined Headline over three years ago, when they were based in Uxbridge. Not until well over a year had gone by did they actually find me any work, and then it was only a couple of days. Since they have moved to Reading, I have had nothing from them.

    Is MrJT an 'agency puffer'?
  8. As i mentioned on another post...

    Ben Farrow... It's no wonder you are being derogatory towards other agencies. It doesn't take much research to see that after teaching English as a foreign language for 12 months (many moons ago), you are now manager of a recruitment agency based in Chelmsford Essex. Perhaps instead of being sly, pretending to be a current teacher who can't get work with any other agencies, just grow a pair and suggest your agency as a better alternative. Perhaps you know your agency isn't particularly successful, so you have to try and bring others down to your level. Headline have been fantastic for me so far!! I will definitely be avoiding your agency and would suggest other people do also!!! Agency name is pairs without the letters a and i!!!!

    All i am doing is replying to Justine from my own personal experience of agencies. As i mentioned, i have been with other agencies that i have haven't had the best experience with. I'm sure there are equally good agencies as the one i suggested, but i can only talk fom personal experience.


    I'm a qualified teacher and am a consultant at an agency .... don't think the forum rules allow me to say which though!

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