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Supply Teachers fight back!

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by VelvetChalk, Feb 11, 2011.

  1. VelvetChalk

    VelvetChalk New commenter

    Thought Id start a post to counteract all the bitching some teachers/the media do about the supplies in classes.

    Anyone seen awful teaching/been left awful plans while on supply? Share here!

    1)I once went to a school where Reception were never observed and learning wasnt linked in in freeflow afterwards

    2)staff manhandling children and hurting their heads/joints

    3)a Plan for year 1 'Children look at pictures to learn about country' this was 40 min independent work...3 wierd pictures in total.

    4)A year 2 group who only ever did worksheets in maths and were given more when they finished

    5)A year 1 wit no resources, 3 supplies in a week and freeflow/play advised in afternoons

  2. I will not criticize the teaching here but I will make comments about the administration of supply in schools.
    I have done supply for about 12 years - from daily supply to long term cover and I would always prefer Primary though I have done Secondary on a few occasions.
    I always prefer to arrive at school by about 8 am but in just about every Secondary school I have ever been in I have had to wait until past 8:30 before I have been given details of my cover requirements.
    The last time I went into a Secondary school was for 3 days during the volcanic ash problems and on each day I was given either wrong class lists or incorrect rooms.
    In Primary schools I have arrived at a few schools only to be told that I was not needed but at least on those occasions I was told that I could act as a support to the class teacher or that the class teacher could be given extra non-contact time while I took over the teaching.
    There have been many occasions when I have been told that I was needed for a particular year group and so have prepared for that. But on arrival at school I have been told that I would be needed for a completely different year group. I have sufficient experience to be able to cope with that and can effectively teach each and every subject required even if no lesson plans are left.
    My biggest complaint is to arrive at a school and then be told that I have no TA to assist me since the class TA has been taken away to take another class when that class teacher is absent. Again I can deal with such a situation on my own but I strongly object to the fact that either an individual child or small group pf children in my class is being deprived of the more personal help that they need from the TA. I have experienced the situation where a class normally has 2 TAs - one to help with one individual child and the other to provide group help but both TAs have been taken to cover other classes.
  3. I don't think stirring up relationships between supply and school can do the supply cause any good.
    This theme was well done on primary forum:

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