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Supply Teachers at an Academy

Discussion in 'Personal' started by greengirl57, Feb 13, 2012.

  1. greengirl57

    greengirl57 New commenter

    I was at a school, unbeknown to me 'in special measures' and had decided or been forced to convert into an Academy, in the first week of my two week booking, as a supply teacher. The behaviour was the worst I have experienced by far having supply taught since March 2010 and also an NQT who has not completed induction. Forging on as best as I could, I had to resort to calling out Referrals (staff who are available,includng any teachers at hand) who came into my claases for a minute or two, and left, to control the diruptive behaviour. Having survived the end of my first week, when I began to know the pupils better and they me, it was time for the new academy to flex its academic muscles and ask me on the last day of the week after the last period not to bother coming for the following week! What goes around will come around I say!! They have a hard uphill struggle as I see it![​IMG]
  2. oldsomeman

    oldsomeman Star commenter

    dont worry abaout it....you probabaly wil be better off.lots of cr ap schools like that where they cant control the kids.often a reason why they fail to achieve and are failing.
    Move one and head held high.as a supply you are dispensible and subject to the whims of management.....which incidently does not work on your logic,

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