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supply teacher: model lesson plans needed

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by crimble, Feb 1, 2009.

  1. Has anyone suggestions for general/generic lesson plans for supply teachers at KS3/4?
  2. Henriettawasp

    Henriettawasp New commenter

    Why? At KS3/KS4 the assumption is that work will be set either by the teacher you are covering for or the HOD.
  3. That isn't always the case - and it is a good idea to have something up your sleeve for those who have finished the - very often - minimal amount that has been set. In most cases the lessons have to be covered by another teacher who has his or her own lessons to think about, or has to be so tame that the pupils kick off at 'another boring writing thing when we were supposed to be doing...............". I'm at a loss myself as to what I can take along that will cover all subjects - it is impossible to have a plan for each individual lesson at each individual stage. If anyone has any ideas, I think you will find some very grateful teachers.
  4. Yep if you are supply teaching in the secondaries. You may be covering a teacher who is not there, a HOD who is not there on the same day the teacher is not there!.
    So no work set. Nope you can't carry lessons for every subject, which fit in with what they are doing. However be a bit savvy. If you arrrive in the classroom to a desk with a sea of previous cover work, uncared for, unmarked. Then the expectation is low. If they are not leaving directions it aint your fault.
    As a supply you may send a 'good' one to tell 'someone', to find some work. May work. . . . . or you may be hanging about with nothing happening, not smart. In the supply bag or in your head. are exercises in key skills Maths and Literacy, Something PSHE, Citizenship, or SEAL wise, some of this can be adapted to many lessons. My favourite is 'Communication Skills'. and of course your subject stuff, for your subject lessons.


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