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Supply teacher finances

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by ridley14, Mar 19, 2020.

  1. ridley14

    ridley14 New commenter

    So people have been trying to get school's shut because of this but where does this leave supply teachers? No work, for however long and no money but still got bills to pay. Where does this leave us about signing on and getting some money? Please help?
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  2. tonymars

    tonymars Established commenter

    I don't know ridley. I've been asking this for a long time.
  3. pepper5

    pepper5 Star commenter

    Schools needed to shut to try to stop people becoming ill and spreading the virus further.

    It isnt't just supply teachers who are out of work as there are millions affected in different sectors. I work now in a job outside of teaching where I might be let go.

    The best thing to do is check on the Government's web sites since there will be information on there.

    Universal Credit is the obvious measure but there may be other benefits.

    If I am let go, I will start job search ASAP.

    You may be able to find work outside teaching even if it is only short term.

    It isn't easy now for many people, but best advice is to do what you can since no one expects more and take one day at a time.
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  4. elvispenhaligon

    elvispenhaligon Occasional commenter

    Run your car on heating oil as the dippers will be not out. That will save a load of money. Most "fuel suppliers" have kero and red on pumps.

    In these sorts of circumstances, the law is optional.
  5. historygrump

    historygrump Star commenter Forum guide

    Ridley, I am in the same position, the unions and government say claim UC, you can claim a forward payment of up to 100%, which you then pay back over 12 months, until you get your first payment. if you leave the UC then you can arrange to pay the advance payment on a monthly basis. The question, will the money be enough to pay the bills?

    Why is the government not paying money to supply teachers, to keep them in the profession, otherwise many will say enough is enough, then there will be a shortage of supply staff when schools reopen.
  6. hhhh

    hhhh Lead commenter

    Presumably some schools will want them to keep open for key worker kids/vulnerable-in fact I've had supply companies I registered with years and years ago message me this week.
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  7. lovejoy_antiques

    lovejoy_antiques Senior commenter

    I almost wish I was a permanent teacher again. But then I remembered learning walks, hostile observations and twilight cpd sessions.
  8. ms honey

    ms honey Occasional commenter

    The buzzards are not paying me! I know how it usually works but my agent said yesterday that because I'm considered long term I'd probably still be paid, apparently all of the other schools are honouring this except mine, after asking me to stay on last week they suddenly no longer require my services, charming isn't it
  9. Popple83

    Popple83 New commenter

    same with my school....
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  10. gold19951

    gold19951 Occasional commenter

    That’s awful ms honey. Such a horrible time for us all.
    Think I am going to have to start the application for the dreaded Universal Credit and write hugely contrite letters to mortgage companies etc. No savings and only a little bit left from the past couple of weeks’ work. At least we know that, as I think pepper5 said earlier, we’re amongst many, many others.
    Best of British everyone. Xx
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  11. pepper5

    pepper5 Star commenter

    It is truly awful for everyone.

    As of this evening, restaurants, pubs and other businesses will be shut putting millions out of work.

    My mind is starting not be able to process what is happening.

    Without money people aren't going tp be able to buy food and food banks are running low already.

    I am not teaching but work in another sector but am not certain I won't be laid off.
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  12. sharon7482

    sharon7482 Occasional commenter

    I think the reality is that untold sectors are affected and will be affected. If you are in food and cleaning and hand gel and books and streaming services and books. And probably a few things people will like around the house candles, crafts they can order. Bumper year.

    The should have announced a fund for people to apply to and gent a flat amount. Suspend mortages and loans. This is what has happened in other countries and a lot of people would be feeling calmer in a time when mental health is overwhelmed. I dont o ow why they didn't.

    I mean I dont even k ow what scheme I am under. Surely whatever company pays you, as we pay PAYE, will make it the former but how is it worked out.
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  13. sbkrobson

    sbkrobson Star commenter

    If you work a week in hand, then you ought to achieve one more payment next Friday if that is your pay cycle. I know it often is.
    And if you have a mortgage, the chances are that your mortgage payment will be made at the beginning or end of the month, at least that is the way for many people. ANd that is very close to next Friday, meaning that the real strain of being without income will not hit until the end of next month. That's still almost six weeks away.
    So rather than the panic in this thread, there is a little bought time in there of a few weeks, during which there is an expectation that we can have some more clarification.

    I know these timescales don't apply to everyone, but I say this as an aid to counter the panic, which I know is real amongst supply, long and short term.
    Allow @pepper5 to continue to instill in us the mantra that many others are in the same boat, and quite a few are far far worse off.
    In education, you carry prospects, you belong to a nationwide community and despite everything, carry a recognisable voice in society.
    The small business owner, for example, has none of these.
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  14. pepper5

    pepper5 Star commenter

    Thank you sbkrobson for your wise and sound advice - you are 100% right not to panic and in time all will become clear. Also, mortgage companies, lenders, and councils will have to be patient and make allowances.

    My husband is self-employed and we felt our business hit bottom in 2008. It isn't very pleasant to suddenly have no money, and we are now facing it again because although I do not work in supply any longer, my job is very insecure. Mr P's business relies on other businesses.

    This time round, it is somewhat different: last time in 2008 there wasn't a total shut down of everything. It appeared that people were carrying on and perhaps having "staycations" or dining in, but with this situation it involves far more people with suddenly having no source of work or income.

    I feel sorry for supply teachers especially for those working with agencies who might not be that interested in helping although the directors for some of those agencies will be multi millionaires.

    Thanks again, for reminding everyone, myself included, not to panic.
  15. tonymars

    tonymars Established commenter

    Has anyone heard anything about a council tax holiday?
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  16. historygrump

    historygrump Star commenter Forum guide

    No, but I have asked the local council to reduce my payments and the government as given some like £3 billion pounds to help councils.

    I have checked my online HMRC account to check my taxable earnings from work and tax paid this year, because by the end of April, I will seeking to get a tax refund, if I can. Last year they tried to say the had not got all the details from the agencies and it will be done by July, but I stood my ground. In that by checking my tax account and earnings from each agency and tax paid, I wrote them down and then added them up. So I could tell them how much I earned and tax paid for 2018-2019. Moreover because they are on the HMRC site and was after the 5th April, the figures are correct., in that all earnings have to be declared to the HMRC, I said they were the official figures.

    The result was that I got a tax refund of around £400 paid into my bank within 5 days

    So it is worth registering with the HMRC Tax site to check your income and if you think, you have paid to much tax, put in a claim for a tax refund.
  17. steviepal

    steviepal Occasional commenter

    I've totted mine up and Hmrc will owe me a grand when I submit my return. Don't forget to include your mileage and that you can claim for a lunch for each day you work, ****** subscriptions etc. etc.
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  18. steviepal

    steviepal Occasional commenter

    Ha ha. Blanks out twin kl. How's that for overkill.
  19. Popple83

    Popple83 New commenter

    Can you? I thought claiming mileage was only for self employed?
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  20. historygrump

    historygrump Star commenter Forum guide

    I do not think you can claim for a mileage anymore, thanks to George Osborne.
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