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Supply Teacher down in dumps, trying to get work to go back into teaching after career break

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by LadyValkyrie, Feb 9, 2012.

  1. I just want to say that there is hope.
    In 2006 I had my son, I had been made redundant from my permanent post but was under pressure from my then partner to get back to work so took a temp contract starting January 2007. I was not ready to go back to FT teaching either physically or emotionally and ended up getting an office job after that so I could devote plenty of time to my son at home. I was M6 when I left.
    I have struggled to get a long-term post on trying to get back into teaching (always the too expensive or no recent experience argument), so eventually, last May, I left my office job and did the TDA Return to Teaching course. Having that on my CV definitely helped my case because I began to get more interviews. (Voluntary or supply work would also help your case in terms of recent experience - I just felt this was the best route for me.) Eventually I have managed to secure a fixed-term full-time post for the summer term in a lovely school, where there is the chance of going longer-term or permanent if I fit in well with the school and they are as happy with my teaching as they were with my interview. (I am on supply in the meantime to get a bit of experience so it's not so much of a culture shock. ;)) Some schools actively want an experienced teacher and are willing to pay for an M6 / UPS teacher to meet their requirements. It's a case of right school and right time.
    I agree if you are not sure if you're ready for an FT job yet to go the supply route first and see how you feel. However keep looking - because there are a few PT jobs that come up and you never know. Good luck!
  2. Thanks for posting your story LadyV, as I am in a very similar position. I have been out of teaching for 11 years, but have been doing day to day supply for the last 8 months. I have several applications out at the moment and am hoping one of them will be successful. I too am doing the Return to Teaching course, so hopefully that will help.
  3. Wonder if this head falls into the 'bad 5000' list?
  4. thanks everyone, TDA course, is this expensive? Long? Part time? x
  5. Just wanted to post my story to let you know there is hope!

    I went on maternity leave in April 2007 and had twins in June 2007. When my mat leave finished I didn't go back to work as I wanted to stay at home with them. Now, 5 years later they are at school and I decided at Christmas I should try and go back to teaching before it's too late. I thought that being on UPS1 I wouldn't have a hope of a permanent job after so long out of the classroom, so signed up with a supply agency to get some recent experience (though the thought of supply terrified me!) The agency didn't get me any work so I was just starting to find more agencies to call.

    Then I saw an ad for a school 5 mins from my house, 3 days a week, right age group, so I went for it, thinking I didn't stand a chance. Had the interview on Monday and got the job! I still can't believe how straightforward it was - I was expecting months/years of applications and interviews. I am starting after half term and the school is lovely and friendly. I can't believe my luck!

    So I just wanted to say, don't give up hope - it is possible to go back even after a break and being expensive!

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