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Supply teacher covering in reception.

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by GingerHobo45, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. Hi, I have just joined the forum and am looking for a bit of advice.
    I am a supply teacher covering in a reception class.I did 4 days last week and am doing 4 days this week.I am a returner and am not really that experienced in teaching Jolly Phonics.I recently did a Return to Teaching course and did my teaching placement in a school covering the reception classes.I basically jumped right in with the teaching.When the course finished I was lucky to be taken on by the same school to cover their PPA in the same classes.I did teach phonics and maths mainly but it was further into the year and the children were that bit older and more familiar with it.I am now covering a sickness and obviously I want to do everything the class teacher would be doing to the best of my ability.
    Everything on the planning is appendix this and page that but I can't find the resources and it is stressing me out and I am having to do the best I can with what I have and some quick thinking.I have asked the lead teacher but she is naturally very busy and when I look for her I can't find her and then the kids are in and it is too late.can I ask, what are quickwrite letters and where would I find them? I have been doing the flashcard letters and the sounds, introducing the words etc, modelling the sentences but I know it's not enough.I want to play more games with them I'm sure the other teachers are.I was all set to play buried treasure with them the other morning and we were frozen out of the login and I wasn't sure what to do.I know it needs to be pacey, snappy, fun and that is what I want to make it.
    Should there be a manual or something in the class that I can refer to? Every other aspect of the day is fine, I really like this age and want to teach it but I missed the whole revival and shake up by being out of the classroom(haven't had my own class since 1999) I had been doing daily supply but have just come back into it after a break of 4 years.We did hardly anything on EYFS on my course as our tutor was secondary trained and a lot of it was secondary bias.
    I really want to and need to create a good impression.This is the 1st supply work I have had since Sept and I want to do well by the school and the children.
  2. I know what quickwrite letters are now and I've also been given a copy of letters and sounds from a teacher friend who is doing Juniors and doesn't need it for the moment which is good.I will carry on researching Jolly Phonics.I do feel better about things but still not 100%.
  3. Well Letters and Sounds is full of excellent suggestions of activities and games to keep your children interested.
    Does your school subscribe to Education City? That has some lovely activites that can be used with the whole class on an Interactive Whiteboard, for introducing new sounds, especially Phase 3. Might be worth a look, or asking the IT/Literacy co-ordinatorsif school doesn't currently subscribe.
    I've uploaded some phonics planning and a treasure game which may also be worth a look.
    Hope you get to grips with stuff!
  4. Aaaaah thank you that's very kind of you.I do know it really , it's sort of stuff I was doing before it's just when I saw it written in the plans I paniced a bit and obviously the very experienced lead teacher knows it inside out so probably eats and sleeps it.I do not ,so need a bit more help.I know if I ask there will be help(if I can find her) and I'll do fine teaching it.There just doesn't seem to be much in the classroom.I have read lots of the letters and sounds since I was doing my Return To Teaching course last year but always wanted my own copy.I never got round to downloading it, and thinking the resources would be there didn't think I needed to(bit sloppy I know).Learning experience for me, will be better prepared for tomorrow.Hopefully I can do enough next week that they will ask me back(fingers crossed) Thanks again.

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