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Supply / substitute teaching northern ireland

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by mflteacher661, Jul 26, 2018.

  1. mflteacher661

    mflteacher661 New commenter

    Hi everyone! I taught for two years in Lancashire, took last year out to travel and now returned home to Belfast and have registered with NISTR for September as no language teacher jobs advertised since I returned home. My question is if anyone has experience of doing supply with NISTR on average how often do you find you get supply work? Would it be regular/at least a couple of days a week or is it sparse? It’s so hard to plan for the future when you have no idea of how much you’ll be able to work every week I’m sure so many of us are in the same position! Thanks!
  2. pepper5

    pepper5 Star commenter


    I can't answer your questions, but wanted to say hello and welcome to the forum.

    Trust someone comes along and sees your post and answers it.
  3. ikerr

    ikerr New commenter

    Hi. I've been a subsitute teacher withNISTR since I completed my PGCE in 2013. I'm also a language teacher and the bad news is that there have been very few jobs to apply for and competition is fierce for any posts that do come up. The good news is that there is supply work as long as you don't mind general subbing. I've had a least one term full-time every year and my longest stint was a year and a half. Outside of longer term subbing, I average 3 days a week. However, I would say that in NI, you need to visit schools with your CV and make contact with the staff member who books substitute teachers. Schools tend to book teachers they know and can contact directly and only book from NISTR when no-one on their usual list is available. It took me a couple of years of persisting in visiting schools to build up a group of schools I work with on a regular basis. So don't give up!
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  4. OisinMcMahon

    OisinMcMahon New commenter

    Just wondering how you both have got on with regards to finding steady work?

    Seen this statistic on the NISTR website today. Paints a bleak picture.

    At present (February 2019) NISTR includes in the region of 11,000 suitably qualified substitute teachers in the live pool that is made available to schools (approx. 1,200) to search for, book and process payment to suitably qualified teachers
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