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Supply references

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by MissHoney232, May 11, 2011.

  1. I am an NQT and have been doing supply since last Sept.

    I worked at one school from Sept-Nov, 3 days a week covering PPA. However I then left due to family illness. Since then, they I have worked at that school one 'one off days' supply basis and am covering 2 full weeks next week.

    I have just tried to apply to a new supply agency who requested a reference.

    On contacting the school in question, the Headteacher confirmed I worked there regularly and was a "great teacher and fantastic with the kids", however, because I am not a PERMANENT member of staff, will not provide me with a reference?!!

    The agency have now said they cannot move forward with clearing as they need THAT reference.

    My main concern lies with future jobs. I have an interview for a full time job next week,if they request a reference from the school and the Head still refuses to do one... what can I do?!

    Help :\
  2. I have had this sort of situation before. I worked regularly at a school and asked the HT if she would provide me with a reference long before I finished there and she agreed. However when I later needed a reference from her she refused because " I was only a supply teacher"
    If I was ever asked by other teachers about that school I would definitely refuse to recommend it.
  3. Could you get a reference from your supply agency (presumably you did the job with another supply agency)? It won't be about the quality of your work (unless they had feedback from the school at some point), but it will confirm that you worked there on a fairly regular basis and account for your working life since leaving uni. Then use your uni or college as your other referee, and if possible add a third referee (final placement school?).

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