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Supply Rates

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by rachaelsav, Nov 9, 2011.

  1. Hi Guys,
    I just want everyone elses opinions/help on this really:
    I'm a qualified NQT and have been signed up with an agency since July 2011 but havn't had much work, but low and behold today when im full of a cold and run down i get a phone call from them asking if i can do 3 days of TA work this week. Now, due to the fact that i've not had lots of work, i just said yes. I obviously was aware that the TA rates would be lower than those of a teacher. However it was only after she had told me the school and year group i would be in that she mentioned that this would also include Lunchtime Supervisor too just before she ended the phonecall. So she sent me the summary email containing the job details which are Wednesday & Thursday Full Day (Plus Lunchtime Supervisor), and Friday (Half day plus Lunchtime Supervisor). - Wednesday and Thursday both at full day rate £45 and Friday at half day rate £22.50.
    However, after thinking about this i've come to realise that £22.50 is below minimum wage (£6.02 per hour) as i will be working 8.30am - 1.30pm which averages out at £4.50 per hour or if they pay from 9am, £5 per hour.
    As i've already committed myself to the job i will obviously carry it out, but im fuming at the fact that this agency has even tried to get away with this.
    Has anybody else come across anything similar with agencies that you are with? And also i would be grateful if you could share the rates you get for various agencies for full day/part day work just to see if i should change agencies really?
  2. Hi
    I am also an NQT and signed up with 2 agencies, both have given me some work, but the daily rate as a teacher for one of the agencies has mysteriously dropped to £75 from £110 ! I did a day as a CS and the rate was £70, and discovered that two other supply staff from the same agency as TA's , were on ......£80!
    Work that one out!
  3. Bentley51

    Bentley51 Occasional commenter

    Regardless of the situation or reason, it is illegal for you to work below the National Minimum Wage. You must dispute this. Once you have done, let us know how it went.

    I am in a position where taking a Cover Supervisor role in a school on the Pro Rata equivalent of 14,000, is more beneficial than working as a supply teacher. It sucks to say it, but working on a TA wage directly through a school is better than teaching long-term for an agency on the NQT (MP1). It is scandalous, but unfortunately for us, completely leagl and possible for agencies...
  4. I also think you are meant to have a lunch break.

    My agency is 105 per day and 52.50 for half, am/pm same rate. I am on a long term job doing afternoons til Xmas and possibly summer but it makes me unavailable for full day offers. I am grateful to get the work and experience s it's across both key stage one and two. I have been told that I won't be needed the last 2 weeks of term though as its PPA cover and they release staff by DVD. Obviously I'll be available for other work but I suspect near Xmas there will be little about.

    I did work out that by working every school day through the agency a salary would be about 19k but considering some weeks are written off along with various activities it's a far cry from M6 scale paid that I should be on. I am hoping school will like me and put me on a contract. They are already sending me on up to date child protection training as well as giving me a name badge rather than visitors one and a pigeon hole for info.

    Oh well I will count my blessings as I think I have a good agency who have found me a good school, apart from making me get paid as self employed I have no issues. By the way I only had 1.5 days work before half term do this came at a good time.

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