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supply or cover supervisor?

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by jennie85, Jun 25, 2015.

  1. jennie85

    jennie85 New commenter

    Here's a little back ground...

    I've been working in a school since feb on supply and they recently had a job advert that advertised one post as a permanent job as 2 teachers are leaving, I got interviewed but sadly didn't get the job as they want to take the school in a rugby direction something that I lack experience in. This week they have advertised cover supervisor roles which it had been suggested by a couple of members of staff that I should apply for...

    Here's my thoughts I enjoy working at the school and the fact I lost out to the job due to lack of experience in rugby is frustrating but do I apply for cover supervisor?

    It's a drop in pay as I in September I will have past my NQT 2 years pervious (which makes me mps3? Any pay clarification would be great).

    As two members of staff are leaving in pe I know if I got the role I would end up covering PE. I also know that they will be a dance teacher down so there will be dance lessons too that would be covered by the cover supervisor as well as drama lessons which I currently have.

    My current time table is a part time PE (as the member of staff I was covering on maternity only came back part time but is due to leave in July). I cover 5 classes of dance (two week time table they have 2 lessons) and 2 English groups I see once a week. The rest is general cover day to day. So I already do the cover supervisor role.

    Even though I'm on supply for the past three weeks (through choice) I have a full after school 5 days a week extra curricular program where I take practices and fixtures since I've been on supply there I have do 3 practices and 1 fixture a week.

    What I want to do is tell the head that actual having me as a full time teacher doing the role I already do is the future but this is rude so one can only dream...:

    But it still isn't clear if I should apply it is something I need to seriously think about as it would be nice to have a permanent job but should I do it or not? Any thoughts welcomed! As I am very torn I went to uni to train as a teacher and get regular supply work (full maternity covers going from one school to the next) but permanent jobs don't seem to come up in my area often so is this my way forward?!

    Thanks in advance
  2. wanet

    wanet Star commenter

    As a cover supervisor you can end up covering any subject. Pay generally not as good. If staff leve they will be replaced. I get the impression that you think that all you will cover is PE.

    You have to decide.
  3. DYNAMO67

    DYNAMO67 Lead commenter

    Depends on numerous factors really.

    1) Can you afford to chance your arm on supply? You say you have been lucky thus far. That might be what it is. It may be that you have rent etc. to pay and can't function on the uncertainty.

    2) If you can survive on the money of supply I would. The reason being is I see supply as more of a shop window than being a CS. You get your name out amongst schools. network etc. You would sort of disappear if you were a CS, outside of your current school anyway.

    3) I think you are optimistic with regards your life as a CS. As wanet points out. You would be everywhere and would have little connection to a department. The pay is also poor. Has it not occurred to you that the likelihood is that these teachers leaving may not be replaced next year, therefore will not be on the timetable?

    4) Your pay as a teacher is no more. There are no pay scales (I know it is said a lot, but why don't all people know this) PE is a buyers market. If you got offered a job they would be under no compulsion I bet to offer you an equivalent of MPS3.
  4. nearmiss

    nearmiss Lead commenter

    If you take a cover supervisor role, you must only do exactly what a cover supervisor is exected to do.

    Only deliver pre-planned lessons

    No planning or marking yourself

    No reports

    No parents' evenings

    No other duties unless specified

    Only cover tutor group for absent teachers

    No allocated tutor group

    That way you will have time to yourself out of hours.

    As a supply teacher, I feel that cover supervisors are being horribly exploited, and if they are expected to do the full job, they should be getting the full salary.
  5. Jolly_Roger1

    Jolly_Roger1 Star commenter

    Exactly, Nearmiss. It is telling that some schools and agencies ask for graduate or subject specialist cover supervisors. Now why would that be if all the CS was supposed to do was keep order in the class?
  6. Piranha

    Piranha Star commenter

    No, it never depended on NQT induction, but the number of years worked since qualifying. Now, you can be offered a new job on an pay within the official ranges, and progression depends on the school's pay policy.
  7. jennie85

    jennie85 New commenter

    only as I would be a qualified PE teacher and I know the teachers have enough on their timetable so cant teach it all. would that be an unreal expectation I have that if I got it they would 'timetable' that on? would that be allowed? my hope is that I can get a permanent job but I cant truly afford to take a drop in pay but is it worth the risk? at the agency I get asked by name which shows that I do a good job,

    I appreciate the advice!!
  8. Dunteachin

    Dunteachin Star commenter

    If you are given lessons to plan and teach, then they should pay you as a teacher for those PE lessons, not as a cover supervisor.
  9. les25paul

    les25paul Star commenter

    I can only echo what a number of other posters have said about a qualified teacher becoming a CS.

    Some schools (but by no means all ) could try and take advantage of your QTS. It might start with a little bit of planning or marking for the odd class now and then but before you realise you have taken on the roles of a teacher without the pay.

    If you do accept a CS role then you must be very firm about not taking on the roles of a teacher, this might be very difficult to do.
  10. frustum

    frustum Star commenter

    I think that if you are filling a CS role, then any lesson you teach should be that of a member of teaching staff who is unable to teach it on that particular day (eg due to illness or a course). If they give you lessons that have not been put on anybody's timetable, and on a regular basis, then you should be paid as a teacher for those lessons.

    If you think there will be more PE on the timetable than can be covered by the people who will be in the department next term, then it may be worth asking whether there is any likelihood of a part-time PE teacher, part-time CS post - it sounds like you've been doing something like this already, but you have been lucky enough to be paid as a teacher for all of it. But it may be that there are fewer GCSE PE option groups, or they're going to give PE larger groups, or the intake is smaller, and so there are fewer lessons to be taught next year. Or they may have appointed a new history teacher who can also teach PE.

    If it can work for you, I suspect you're better to go for supply - and perhaps try and get on a rugby course of some sort!
  11. Belthazor

    Belthazor New commenter

    'I got interviewed but sadly didn't get the job as they want to take the school in a rugby direction something that I lack experience in.'

    Ok, sounds fair enough.....

    'This week they have advertised cover supervisor roles which it had been suggested by a couple of members of staff that I should apply for...'

    Hmmm, so the lack of rugby experience means you didn't get a permanent, FULL-PAYING job, but is okay when a "lowly" CS job is available.

    Alright, I get the point that some people are making - you won't necessarily be doing PE all the time as a CS, but don't sell yourself short even if things seem desperate.

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