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Supply. Is it dying out?

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by pauline18, Feb 4, 2011.

  1. lozar, just a guess-using an apple computer or Safari?
  2. thanks Lozar...will grit teeth and carry on!!!!
  3. [​IMG]
    no actually! my iphone and ipod are quite enough apple products for me...if i had a mac i'd throw it out the window infrustration at its quirks - no windows user die hard i'm afraid, but I can't seem to enter line breaks on here having to insert dashes till i can work it out....
    happy to help backtobusiness.... yep just grit teeth [​IMG] and carry on!
    I've been luck up till half term and maybe a couple of longer term on the way, but just been offered 6 weeks in march but it's an hour and 15 minutes away, normally i would have said no, i did turn down my old school as that was an hour away in september but in hindsight should have taken it..ho hum.....
    but with things being what they are have said they can send my CV at least.....If i'm not miving then easter hols scare me with the royal wedding for us it's nearly a whole month with no work....[​IMG]
  4. lozar, I put my question because of what looked like a way of paragraphing, when I used an apple with safari I couldn't get my paragraphs to appear on TES, the web staff gave me an instruction to deal with this once I informed them of my browser.

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