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supply in london

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by wemble, Aug 18, 2012.

  1. wemble

    wemble New commenter

    I am a secondary d&t teacher with 2 years experience and for various personal reasons I have been advised by colleagues to try supply teaching. This appeals to me in theory but I could do with some advice on the practicalities of supply teaching.
    Is there work to be had in London or will I really struggle to get jobs at the moment? Also, how do I go about finding supply work? Agencies or some other method? I would really appreciate any advice.
  2. spiderwomen

    spiderwomen New commenter

    London is healthy in terms of supply work- but it's generally allocated to oversea teachers! Secondary is the worst hit in terms of supply as schools are increasingly using cover supervisors. I'm Primary so have very little knowledge of Secondary supply. September is always quiet, so don't be disheartened if you receive no work. As for agents: I don't think you can join an agency on reccommendation as it may not work for you. I worked for a large agency which were great at getting me work, but others found them useless. I found small agencies rubbish at getting me work, but other supply teachers have had great success with them. I don't think agents place teachers according to skills or experience, it's mainly guess work with them.
    I was like you when I first went into supply- no idea on what I was doing. I registered my CV online - I can't remember the site and got called constantly by different agents. Let them seek you out. You can register your CV on Reed which lots of agents use to seek out teachers. Spend time on your CV, a professional CV will speak volumes and guarantee a stream of agents calling. Despite being on supply for three years, I still have agents calling all the time. It's always secured me interviews if the agent submits it to a school.
    Be careful of agents who insist on paying for CRB's as they generally have no work available and will waste your time and money. Alot of them claim you have to have a CRB by them in order to get work, don't be fooled; another ploy is they can't send out candidates until their CRB is clear. This is utter nonsense as a CRB lasts two years, good agents will use your current one for immediate work, and send off for an updated one once they get you work.
    My experience is the more rigid their registration process, the less work they have. The genuine agencies will register you with little fuss as it in their interest to get you working.
    If you do have to pay for a CRB- ask the agents if they are willing to give portability on it. If they don't, bin them off. Only accept agents who will expect one CRB which they can get portability from. I've registered with lots of agents and only paid for one CRB. All the other agents have paid for my CRB. If you ask the right questions, research the agency - you will sieve out the ****. It is a bad time to go into supply, as agents are struggling to win contracts and barely keeping afloat. The work expecially long term just doesn't exist. Good luck.
  3. wemble

    wemble New commenter

    Thanks very much for the advice

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