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supply in autumn term

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by vicnqt, May 4, 2009.

  1. vicnqt

    vicnqt New commenter


    I may be going back to supply in Sept, what is it like for Primary at the moment or what was it like last Autumn term? I live in York if there's anyone from around there that's on supply and knows what it's like? thx for any feedback!
  2. sm1971

    sm1971 New commenter

    I'm in York too and have been doing supply since September and the work has been steady although I'm with an agency rather than on the council supply list so they may be different. Supply is great (most of the time) and there are some lovely schools in and around York. Enjoy!
  3. I've been on supply since last Sept in York. Was with the council list but didn't get a lot from them and I was having to travel in the Hull direction with a second agency. Shopping around at the minute and have been recommended Principal Teachers by a couple of primaries. I've got an interview in their York office next week.
  4. I used to work for Principal Teachers until i ended up finding a full time job due to them. They were a great agency to work for and i could have quite often ended up with full weeks as long as was willing to travel slighltly (I said i would travel max 40 mins)
  5. polly2

    polly2 New commenter

    Are Principal teachers the same as Principal Resourcing? If so they are fab. I am in Hull and have worked virtually every day since September.
  6. Wuzzy

    Wuzzy New commenter

    City of York supply agency are lovely - if you want to get registered you can go on the council website (www.york.gov.uk ) there's info there. You have to fill in an application form and then go for an interview with the supply agency manager and will need to have enhanced CRB done, so would be a good idea to get registered soon as the CRB check can take weeks to arrive back!
    Pay is acc. to MPS (not sure what happens when you have gone through the threshhold) and it is City of York council that your pay come from.
    You get more work if you are accredited (have attended at least 1 training course per term for prev. 3 terms (not sure how this works for new supply staff) ) and also if you are prepared to be rung in the morning, not just in advance. It helps if you will do any year group and if you are prepared to do half days that can be a useful extra as not many people will do them - I work on the basis that half a day is better than no work!!
    I had a lot of supply in the Autumn term last year, but most was due to sickness cover (so mostly last minute rather than booked in advance) rather than covering for courses - schools have less money so fewer people seem to be eing sent to training courses en masse. Very few weeks when I haven't had the work that I have wanted - but talking to other supply staff (at training courses and the occasional get together) it can be very hit and miss.
    I like working in York, however, supply is one thing, the permanent job situation is quite another - there are very few jobs about - though maternity contracts do come up and quite a lot of supply staff apply for those.
    Hope the info is of use.
  7. Wuzzy

    Wuzzy New commenter

    Sorry about all the typos above!
  8. Hi, I work for Teaching Personnel and I have been working full time, they have been great and have always done there best to get me lots of work in some great schools. My contact is Sarah and her number is 01482 312040. Good Luck
  9. Hi Sarah, (aka "pinkcheeks")
    Good luck yourself.
  10. And another 2 year old thread!

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