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Supply in a SEN school

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by fuzzle, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. I wonder if anyone has any tips on doing supply (early morning call) in a SEN school.

    I got such a call this morning and I'm sorry to say that I turned down the work, even though I desperately need it.

    I'd had a terrible night's sleep, a banging headache, had got up late and had just got out of the shower when I got the call. If the work had been in a mainstream school I would have accepted it. However, I have no experience of working in a special school, even though I've taught on supply for 5 years, and didn't think that I would be able to do the children justice.

    Does anyone have any tips for supply in this type of school so that I don't need to turn work down again? The school in question caters for children aged 2-19 with (I think, it doesn't have a website) profound learning difficulties.
  2. Next time you get a call, go. If they like you they will call you again. Then you can make your mind up if you want to carry on in these schools. If another SEN school asks for you, you can tell them you have done supply in an SEN school.
  3. Mrs-Pip

    Mrs-Pip New commenter

    Good advice. You won't know until you try it! There are lots of classroom support people and the number of children in a class is small. I tried it years ago and at the time it wasn't for me as I had only been teaching a year or so but if the opportunity came along again I would give it another try.

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