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Supply: Do I need to register with my local council?

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by Mr.Harrison, Apr 12, 2011.

  1. Hi all,
    I am trying to get into supply teaching and currently in the process of registering to go into the supply pool of my local council... However, this is taking FOREVER and I was wondering if I indeed have to do this at all?
    I was going to write and send cv to my local schools (would prefer not to be with an agency) but am unsure if I have to be registered with the council first...?
    Also, if I 'go it alone' how do I arrange pay, what happens about CRB, etc etc...? I can't seem to find any information on this anywhere, can anybody please, please, please offer any advice?
    Thank you
  2. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    My area too doesn't actually have any agencies, LA only!
    So it does depend where in the country you are.
    Having said that being registered with the LA doesn't actually provide work, just ensures you're checked, OK to work & so can approach schools, directly plus it ensures you're paid, albeit 8-12 weeks in arrears!
  3. Dunteachin

    Dunteachin Star commenter

    You are quite right that it varies county to county, Lara mfl. My LEA pays monthly in arrears and pays to scale, so the situation arises where the ex-deputy head may be called in at about £45 an hour and I get £32 for doing the same job. The unions wouldn't have it any other way. Not that I'm complaining; I'm more than happy with that rate! However, it might be fairer and more cost effective for schools to introduce a flat rate.
  4. I see Sylvia. No offence intended.
    I think that it would depend upon how the situation is right now. Looking around, there will obviously be more agencies and/or LEA's in larger cities/towns. So I assume that the LEA's that can still afford to operate a list of supply teachers and send them assignments is relative to how many agencies operate in that area.
    I just get the impression that supply teaching in general is well at risk at the moment. Schools are all saving more and more now, because I feel they can see further forecoming cuts.
  5. Lara 8-12 weeks in arrears!!![​IMG]
  6. It works like this:-

    Average teacher, plus all the ****, supply cover, pension, etc, etc, etc, in total averages (mean) about £31k. You get this number and divide it by the number of "on time" days in the year and you get about £185ish, or in that area (it was a while ago I worked through this). So, the council does it's fag packet calculation and lets the schools deal with it, as they can't be *****. THEN the schools can get a supply for the same cost, but without all the PC, EUSSR, paternity, left handed lesbian diversity rubbish aka liabilities through an agency. Phone up the biggun, get a teacher, they don't turn up, phone again, another one turns up. All they give a toss about is a bum on a seat. The money is in the bank, it's not coming off their budget......

    ............and then folks, the cover supervisor is created.....work goes downhill and just like a tax take, agency work goes downhill. They start starving and the cartel is broken..... "We'll give you one for £80" and down it goes. There will always be people who do it, even if it's £40 a day as it beats the *&^% out of working in a factory, or the misery of having to deal with the scum down at the jobcentre.

    .....So the agency used to charge £185 ish a day for the average joe. Take off employers NI, swanky building costs, the plush office, mugs, pads, promotion, marketing, shareholders, dividends, etc, etc, and it mounts up. That's why they need half of your money

    Apart from now it's going down the drain, they're struggling like hell to get any work as schools are pushing their cheapo unqualifo staff as hard as they can. The costs and the desperation are getting extreme, some big players like Select have taken the reference to teaching out of their name.

    The schools have no loyalty to their profession, no loyalty to anyone who isn't on the payroll and the unions don't either. It's about being on the gravy train. You train to be on the train and it's a bit of a rude awakening when you find yourself off it.

    First they came for the supply. It's the rest of the expensive ones next, the arrogance of heads knows no bounds and with the sort of awesome self-teaching lessons like Kagan advocates, you only need an unqualified idiot to hand out the learning resources.
  7. ...and if most schools jump on the bandwagon (not gravy train!) to be become academies as is the fashion, will all the bureacrats in the LEA presently enjoying nice public sector salaries become redundant or are they now (some) embarking on settiing up "premium" supply teacher agencies that amount to nothing more than posturing for the academies?
    What about the huge armies of cover supervisors masquerading as properly qualified and registered teachers?
    Will academies sack the lot as being not up to scratch or will even more be employed????

  8. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    If there's an LA supply route, register with it as you will get paid on the Teachers' payscale.
    Some LA supply registers (not many) contact you about work; others pass the list of teachers to all their sc hools nad the schools contact you.
    Crucially, being on the list and having an LA CRB means that you are fully set up, security and payroll-wise, for any teaching work that you get by contacting schools direct.
    If you contact them direct without having an LA CRB, the school won't employ you (or they'll book you through the private gaency that you might be registered with instead.
    If the school has a vacancy further down the line (a maternity cover that they know about well in advance) they might take you on if there's time for them to sort out an LA CRB for you but it's easier all round if you already have one in place.

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