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Supply/cover folder

Discussion in 'Primary' started by NewJob2010, Sep 3, 2011.

  1. NewJob2010

    NewJob2010 New commenter

    Does anyone have one and what do you put in it?
    I have :
    <ol>[*]Groupings[*]Timetable[*]Lesson planning for the day</ol>Anything else?
  2. NewJob2010

    NewJob2010 New commenter

    Does anyone have one and what do you put in it?
    I have :
    <ol>[*]Groupings[*]Timetable[*]Lesson planning for the day</ol>Anything else?
  3. Relevant medical / SEN needs in brief and who to ask for help if they need it. Details of TA (if with them) and what he/she will be doing e.g. regular interventions etc.

    We have a generic one that every staff member keeps in class for supply to refer to. It has details of safeguarding, behaviour expectations and procedures, general school info e.g. toilets, drinks, photocopying etc. I then add my own planning etc and other pertinent info. as needed.

    We're quite lucky in that we generally use the same supply regularly and so they are well acquainted with how we work and what's expected but if we do have "new" supply then they've commented that they find the booklet really useful.
  4. NewJob2010

    NewJob2010 New commenter

    To be honest - my school doesnt use supply - we have a cover teacher in school and a HLTA too so it would probably be someone that works in school anyway!

    (actually forgot this until I saw you list of things - this doesn't bode well for back to school on Monday - ooooops) Sorry for being a pain! Thanks for your advice x
  5. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    Note of times, break, lunch, assembly etc. & where playground is.(They do vary, so it's important to know.)
    Any seating plans, reward shemes etc.
    Where to find resources; books, pencils, rulers etc. Y(ou'd be surprised how much time can be wasted trying to find these!)
    Toilet visit practice? For example, Do you have a band for children to wear, when they leave the class?
  6. From a supply's perspective - what I tend to need to know (or have to find out from the kids - easier with KS2 than FS on the first week of term!)
    Timings, including variations for days where assembly's at a completely different time (usually Fridays but the number of times you get to a school to be told assembly's 9am only to be slated for not telepathically knowing that on the second week of the month when the month ends in a Y that it's at 10.53 is quite amusing)
    Routines - do you collect the kids from the yard and lead them out at break (and where the playground is!), which line is it that you're collecting, what happens at the end of the day (there's huge huge huge variation on this one - from parents coming into the classroom with kids in set places, to "if you can't see your grown up stay with me", to a "bell's gone - off you go" system).
    Little particular rules like waterbottles, toilets etc - I go in schools where there's a "no one goes to the toilet for the first 20 minutes after break" rule in some classes... others where you never ever decline a request, even if it's a "can you wait 2 minutes till I've told everyone what we're doing next" type deal.
    Monitors if there's a set list of "jobs" - the outrage you can cause by picking a random child to return the register when it's Freddy's job!
    Then the stuff like behaviour policies (and how they're actually implemented) - the name of an obliging teacher to send anyone REALLY out of line to is greatly appreciated.
    SEN details - have had a few days where someone's chirpily commented at afternoon playtime "oh you do know that Johnny is autistic don't you?", medical needs etc. Also any issues regarding people not allowed to collect individual children - unless there's going to be a TA on hand at hometime to advise of this.
    Oh and if the notes say "see Jenny in Class 2 for this book" - can we know Jenny's "teacher name" and whereabouts in the school class 2 is!?
    Oh and one final "oh and"... the password and username for the PC attached to the interactive whiteboard!
  7. NewJob2010

    NewJob2010 New commenter

    Brilliant - thank you very much for all those ideas - will get my folder sorted now - thank you!
  8. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    And, as a supply, a big THANK YOU to YOU. They will absolutely love you for providing all that info & therefore have more time to spend with the actual teaching, so pupils benefit too!
  9. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    Password. Mind you - the children probably know it.
    Plus all the above.

  10. Mine includes:
    • timetable
    • weekly overview
    • where to find plans
    • photocopier codes
    • computer passwords (including how the children log on as they all have their own)
    • daily duties
    • start/end of school, break/dinner procedures
    • IEPs
    • seating plan
    • literacy/numeracy groups
    • behaviour reward system
    I haven't got the file here as it's at school but I think I've included most things.
  11. Oh I'm REALLY good at guessing them by now - I work through schoolname, classname, teacher surname, password, leave it blank and hit enter, teacher, adult, staff, pupil (when getting desperate), name of class gerbil and usually get lucky with one of the above!

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