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Supply and NCCT pay

Discussion in 'Scotland - Primary' started by linberry, Feb 24, 2017.

  1. linberry

    linberry New commenter

    Have recently resumed doing the odd day (single days only) of supply between East Ren and Glasgow councils. As a short term supply teacher, I am only paid for 5 hours of work. But aren't I entitled to non-class contact time of 30 mins a day or the equivalent pay? A couple of years ago I received some info from the SNCT that stated 'if class contact time in any day exceeds 4.5 hours you should claim for the class contact time plus 11.11%'. This translates to claiming for 5 hrs 33 mins on the weekly claim form. I did this at the time and was duly paid however, recently when I've claimed the same I have noticed that the school seems to be only putting 5 hours through. Have I missed something? Have the conditions changed? would appreciate any advice please. Thanks
  2. Liviboy

    Liviboy Occasional commenter

    The SNCT handbook is your friend...

    1.7 A short term supply teacher may be engaged to teach for the whole pupil day. A short term supply teacher will not be deployed for more than one discrete block of time in any day. A discrete block of time will be a full day or half a day. In all cases the supply teacher will receive an automatic 10% pay uplift of the class contact time for preparation and correction time.


    Not sure where 11.11% came from though...however Aberdeenshire Council's local agreement states:

    Please note - If the class contact time in any day exceeds 4½ hours you should claim for the class contact time plus 11.11%. Where the engagement lasts beyond one day, the time can be aggregated up to the weekly maximum of 22½ hours class contact in a 25 hour week.

    http://www.snct.org.uk/library/1351/Supply pack for teachers.pdf

    And the 11.11% appears in other local authority agreements:

    North Lanarkshire:

    http://www.eis.org.uk/northlanark/images/localagreements/agreed cop on engagement of supply teachers in nlc- august 2012.pdf

    As well as other examples...
  3. Fiduncan

    Fiduncan New commenter

    Just be careful if you do any longer stints for Glasgow!
    I worked for 2 weeks in one school and because I had the audacity to stand up to the depute ,after being pulled up 3 times re my entitlement to McCrone time, she reported me to HR . I was sent a letter a month after leaving the school to report for a meeting in HQ and to take along a witness! I was extremely upset by this and fortunately after much discussion on the phone and a backing down by them (after admission that DHT was wrong) the meeting was dropped!
    The whole experience ,however , was so horrendous I have given up supply (and teaching) after an unblemished 25 year career! Often the worse people in our profession are those who are supposed to be our colleagues!
    Sorry for the rant but still VERY angry after 18 months !!!!!
  4. bonxie

    bonxie Senior commenter

    In our authority, supply teachers doing odd days can claim 5 1/2 hours if they teach the whole of a 5 hour day.

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